RDA theft is PF job, Money to be used in bye-elections

Sources within Road Development Agency (RDA) and the intelligence have told the Watchdog that the money that was stolen from Road Development Agency (RDA) was actually stolen by the PF under instructions from State House to be used in the six Parliamentary and 19 by-elections that will be held on 19th August and in September.

It is not yet explained why a public body like RDA keeps huge sums of money in metal boxes at the office instead of keeping it in the bank.

PF as a party has no money and depends on looting from government coffers to run its programs. Businessmen who have been funding the PF are also now being careful and have started funding the opposition as they smell change of government.

One source said the PF had gone to State House to ask for money for the by-elections but the President told them to get money from RDA probably due to the dementia that has compromised his reasoning.
‘ Sata used to release money for by-elections but this time around when they went to ask for money he told them to get money from RDA so the money was actually stolen by the PF using the security system and that instruction was inspired by dementia, that is why it is dangerous for Sata to remain in the office in his current state,’ said the source.
The source said the PF were not ready for the by-elections hence the attempt to block them through the court and after losing in court they resorted to violence so that the elections are cancelled.
Road Development Agency Principle Public Relations Manager Loyce Saili could not disclose the amount of money stolen but it is believed to be in millions.
Sources have disclosed that part of the stolen money will be taken to Mangango to buy voters cards so that people don’t vote but should that fail by Thursday then the election will be cancelled on Friday 15th August 2014.

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