RDA theft is PF scheme to destroy documentary evidence- security sources

The reported break-in and theft at Roads Development Agency (RDA) is one of the PF schemes to destroy documents related to massive plunder of national resources through corrupt road deals, according to highly placed PF and government security sources.

Unknown people are on Sunday are reported to have broken into highly guarded and secured RDA offices in Lusaka and stole a safe reportedly containing documents and some money.

RDA is located almost right behind Police Force Headquaters, and only 10 mitres away from the Red-Brick, commonly known as Office of the President (OP) headquaters, which is probably the second most guarded state installation after State House and Army Barracks.

RDA Public Relations manager confirmed that the highly guarded accounts department was one of those that was targeted and a number of documents have gone missing.

But government security wings have disclosed that it was purely an inside job and if proper investigation was to be allowed without interference, some big fishes involved in corrupt and plunder through roads contracts can be nabbed.

“There is unprecedented massive plunder of national resources perhaps never seen before in the history of the country, particularly in the road sector where all sorts of shoddy works is going on. People dont even know how to cover-up for the daylight robberly. And worse they are in panic mood because they sense a change of government, especially with the failing healthy of president Michael Sata,” said one of the highly placed PF government insider.

Sata placed and is running RDA under State House, a situation many stakeholders including major donors complained.

For a long time, RDA was running with only one member of the board Willie Nsanda, who is also Sata’s campaign manager.

Nsanda has been the board chairman without a board until Members of Parliament and others stakeholders complained about the huge anomaly.

PF government has been boasting of unprecedented roads infrastructure development around the country since they came into office, but what the public is not aware is that it has been the road sector that has been marred with unprecedented grand corruption.

Now security sources say the Sunday break-in was almost impossible without an inside job because RDA offices are heavily guarded with various security features other than the 24 hours security guards.

Sources say PF government leaders have now started destroying documentary evidence, forgetting that there are other financial trails they cannot destroy even from bank deposits and withdraws.

“For some reason, they are all in panic mood and are sensing change of government soon. Perhaps they know something is about to happen and it is not only the RDA where documents are being destroyed to cover-up corruption. It looks like they don’t trust each other even among themselves, because they feel even if it was change of leadership within the PF, some are afraid depending which camp takes up the PF leadership. But they are more scared of the suspected wind of change which may come from outside, especially with what they are doing to former MMD leaders, including former president Rupiah Banda.

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