Re-introduce subsidies or else Zambians will starve to death Kaingu

MMD Vice President for Political Affairs Michael Kaingu has called on the PF government to reinstate subsidies on Mealie- Meal or else some people will starve to death. Speaking in an interview with the Zambian Watchdog, Dr. Kaingu who is also Mwandi Member of parliament said Mealie-Meal prices are sky rocketing every week. He said MMD government was not stupid to maintain the subsidies. “There is something that government is ignoring and it that of mealie-meal prices. They are sky rocketing come next year with this poor fertiliser distribution, things will not be okay. Mark my words” he said.
He said though some economists condemn subsidies, even developed nations have subsidies. He said the European Union countries subsidise their farmers and America subsidies the health system through the Obama care.” Even developed countries have subsidies. Isn’t Obama Health care a form of subsidy? he asked.
Dr. Kaingu however said it will be difficult for government to find money to subsidise millers because money is spent on debt servicing as the country is borrowing almost every week. He also wondered why the MMD under the same macro economic conditions managed to build infrastructure without doing away with subsidies. ” We delivered development to all parts of the country under the same economic conditions without increased borrowing and while subsidising Nshima. What has then changed” he asked. He also cautioned Finance Minister against over borrowing. ” He is the same person who put us in the debt trap that the MMD dismantled when he served under UNIP. He is doing it again under PF”

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