REA Procurement Manager told to resign because he is Tonga

Rural Electrification Authority (REA) Head of Procurement Felix Munsaka has been told to resign from his position by his boss Geofrey Musonda because Musonda is not ready to work with a Tonga. Sources from REA have told the Zambian Watchdog that When Musonda was taken to REA by his close friend Yamfwa Mukanga then Energy Minister now at Works from Ministry of Energy, Musonda publicly told Munsaka that he did not want any Tonga in senior management position. From that time, Munsaka has been having tough time from his boss.

“We are shocked that in this era an educated person like Geofrey Musonda can openly practice tribalism. He openly told Munsaka that “I Can not work with a Tonga” imagine. I’m not Tonga myself but I felt touched that is why I made an effort to bring this story to you” the source said.

Mr. Munsaka has since gotten fed up of the tribalism by his boss and has succumbed to pressure and has since given notice and will be leaving REA on May 30,2014.

When contacted for a comment Mr. Munsaka confirmed the development. ” Yes that is a very true story. Who gave you that story? he must be a very noble person. It is true my boss says he can not work with a Tonga in senior management. So I have decided to resign. I have written to the Executive Director who wanted me out and he did not even waste time. He has accepted my resgination and my last working day is May,30 2014″ he said.

When asked were he will go considering the levels of un-employment in the country, Mr. Munsaka simply said he will find something to do.

“I will find something to do my brother” he said.

Mr. Geofrey Musonda the REA Chief is a former classmate to Yamfwa Mukanga the works and supply Minister. When the PF government came into power, they fired Wilfred Serenje as REA Chief and brought in Musonda from Ministry of Energy where he was Director to Act as REA Chief Executive. Later Musonda was confirmed as REA Executive Director.

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