Reader appreciates Watchdog from China

A Zambian visiting China says the Watchdog Online is keeping him updated and connected to home.
Mukeya Liwena says the work of the Watchdog should continue.
The email to the Watchdog is reproduced below:
Dear Editor,
Hope youre fine back home. Iam Mukeya Liwena,Station Manager Radio Lyambai in Mongu Western province of Zambia. For the past two months and a few weeks more I have been and still out of the country in Beinjin china to be specific.
Iam writting to thank you guys for the wonderful work you are doing in your online newspaper which has been updating me on issues and events back home,it makes me feel connected to home even here miles away from home.please keep up with this work whose impact Ive personally failed to ignore,
One  observation with Zambian politics I have come across is that when youre in the country you get fed up of it, but when youre out you miss it big time and this is the gap wthat ZWD is filling in.
God bless you all.
Mukeya Liwena.

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