Reader: Kabimba and Mwanza also stole money for PF PVT

Reader: Kabimba and Mwanza also stole money for PF PVT


Sylvester Mwanza with president Sata

The GBM camp reveals Kabimba’s corruption with oil supplier Trafigura and I would like to add on to that.

You will be interested to know that it is not the first time that Wynter Kabimba and Slyvester Mwansa – Zambia’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York have ganged up to steal.

Slyvester Mwanza was the chairman for the PVT committee of the Patriotic Front and used this position with Wynter Kabimba to syphone millions of kwacha for parallel tabulation system worth less than $500, in any case such programmes are offered for free on the internet.

The committee had two systems to choose from with the first one from Kenya based on USSD for collecting results which were tabulated manually in excel. The second one was from Russia, also USSD based but with a back-end software to tabulate results and display them per ward, constituency, provincial as well as countrywide from anywhere in Zambia. The later was offered at less than $50,000 where as the less sophisticated  solution fetched over $200,000..

What we now see is a trail of stealing from PVT to Oil deals. These two thugs have to be taken to task. We had Henry and James Banda as fore runners in Govt. business during RB’s time and now we have Wynter and Slyvester.

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