Reader: Most Zambian men don’t know how to make love

Mr. Editor,

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I would like to comment on the above article which appeared on the

I read most of the silly comments from men especially the one where one man wrote that: What’s wrong with bed dancing. These women need to be taught how to ride. We spend so much just to get disappointed.

I feel men should also be taught how to please a woman. Most men do not know how to do it, that is why some wives are now seeking pleasure elsewhere.

Please bashi chimbusa start teaching our men how to also shake their bodies.

Most men do it like they are pounding maize in a mortar, its very shameful and embarrassing.

They should spin. We are tired of being pounded; men please start sharing your bodies, twapapata. And why is it that most zambia men have small penis? Because biologically speaking there is no woman who is big, so the problem is with men. Let them also learn from West Africans who drink medicine for enlargement.

Women pull their things; men should also start pulling their penis to enlarge it. How about that?

So please stop insulting women. How can you respect a man with a small penis that cannot even turn it properly?  twanaka ukufyanta amatanta to feel the satisfaction because of small penis.

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