Real Churches and Lungu’s day of prayers – Catholics chose to pray with HH

Real Churches and Lungu’s day of prayers – Catholics chose to pray with HH

12106977_976232295792259_5226614751054222560_n 12118616_976232642458891_1386580564226078654_nThe October 18 day of prayer is gone but very few people might have observed what some of us have observed. The Prayers were only presided over by Tuntemba Churches, and excommunicated ‘priests like Frank Bwalya’.

You may wish to know that Zambia has three Church Mother bodies. These are the Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ), Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) and the Evangelical Fellowship in Zambia (EFZ). The CCZ is the mother body for Congregations like the UCZ, RCZ, Baptist and the SDA among others.

The ZEC is for the Catholics and the EFZ for the Pentecostals. The question then is why were CCZ and ZEC the bodies that represent ” Real” Churches not represented? Where there instructions not to attend? Why is that only EFZ was represented? These questions need to be answered before others start claiming the success of the day. Was it a coincidence that the Catholics instead invited UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his leadership to Saint Ignitius Church? Were the Catholic Bishops at Show Grounds? Why did not the Baptist Pastors, UCZ Reverends and SDA elders not at the Show grounds? Why was the prayer day only presided by those who ” Speak in Tongues” or turn into snakes or turn Parafin into wine?

For those with good memories, you will recall that this is the same group that misled late President Fredrick Chiluba over the third term attempt led by BIGOCA Bishop Peter Ndhlovu. This is also the same group that misled Rupiah Banda in 2011 when the likes of Dora Siliya insulted the Catholics everyday. The signs are the same today. Could this be the exit of Edgar Lungu? Even in 1991 Kenneth Kaunda was ignored by the ” Real” Churches before he was booted out of power. By the way who doesn’t know that the Pentecostal Pastors are the easiest prey in terms of corruption and moral degradation. Most of the Men and Women of ” Gold” appearing in court today for cases of defilement, rape and so forth are from this same grouping. Who preaches in Public Buses to collect offering without a church building? Most Men and Women of easy virtues are the Pentecostals and it is very easy for corrupt individuals like Kaizer Zulu to bribe these so called Pastors to preside over prayers.

Is it not Bishop Peter Ndhlovu who charged Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa K20, 000 to forgive cadres who had stormed BIGOCA Church in Matero and battered several people? If he accepted then why not now? We hope Edgar Lungu did not receive more Demons and curses than blessings after laying of those hands. There is no guarantee. This is just an observation lest we are told we are blaspheming but an observation is worth noting.

Obviously there are good, innocent people in these Pentecostal churches who genuinely seek God but most of their leaders, such as Peter Ndhlovu are corrupt thieves.

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