Real reason Masumba will be arrested is telling people that Sata still smokes dagga

Real reason Masumba will be arrested is telling people that Sata still smokes dagga

Former Sports Deputy Minister Stephen Masumba faces another arrest following reports that he has been telling people that President Michael Sata has not stopped smoking Dagga.

Masumba may also be charged with obtaining money by false pretence. The OP are said to be investigating a report that he was collecting money from people in Solwezi on the pretence that he was sent by the PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba.

OP sources have disclosed that security officers on the Copperbelt are gathering information and possible witnesses over reports that whilst on a visit to the Copperbelt, Masumba told some people in Mufulira that Sata still smokes Dagga.

“Masumba may soon be arrested once officers from our office (Office of the President Special Division) conclude investigations. We are told he has been telling people that HE (His Excellency) has not stopped smoking Dagga. That is pure defamation of the President,” the source said.

Further Masumba is alleged to have also told people on the Copperbelt about a private meeting he had with Sata and Director General of Intelligence Martin Mwanambale soon after he was convicted by the Lusaka Magistrate.

“In that meeting the President is reported to have boasted to Masumba saying I’m the President of everything including Magistrates and Judges so just resign, a directive Masumba rejected.

So now the system has gotten wind of this story. However this is not as serious because the Post Newspaper wrote about this and we do not suspect Masumba to have leaked it to the Post. We are more interested in the Dagga smoking report,” the source said.

Sources further say the people Masumba shot at on the Copperbelt were OP agents who were trailing him.

And Masumba himself has confirmed that unknown people are trailing him.

The Mufumbwe constituency Member of Parliament narrated that on New Year’s eve, he was travelling to Ndola where he was scheduled to officiate at a church function the following day.

He said he first went to Mufulira to see a relative who was admitted at Ronald Ross Hospital and on his way from Mufulira, he noticed a vehicle trailing him and flashing lights at him.

sataMr Masumba explained that when he reached Sabina police check point, the vehicle was no where to be seen hence his hesitant to inform the officers at the check point.

As he was proceeding on the Kitwe-Chingola dual carriage way, he noticed the same vehicle moving at a high speed and continued trailing him until he reached Kitwe.

He narrated that he drove into Freedom way and when the vehicle continued moving at a fast speed, he drove past the traffic lights and decided to seek refuge at a public place but the vehicle drove ahead of him and blocked him.

“The vehicle was trailing me and moving at a high speed and because Iam not very familiar with Kitwe, I went and parked at the drinking place and the same vehicle drove ahead of me, blocked me and two people came out of the vehicle.

“I got scared and I gave a first warning shot and the two men ran away. I then started looking for Honorable Mwenya Musenge’s mobile number to inform him of what had happened and in the process, police officers appeared,” he said

Mr Masumba said he was relieved to see police officers and accompanied them to the police station where he stayed for two hours and gave his statement.

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