Reaping where he did not sow: Lungu grabs another position from Kabimba

Reaping where he did not sow: Lungu grabs another position from Kabimba

Kabimba chairing CAPP meeting at inception

Kabimba chairing CAPP meeting at inception

Defence Minister Edgar Lungu has taken over the chairmanship of the Congress of the Council of African Political Parties (CAPP) from embattled Wynter Kabimba.

CAAP is an organisation sponsored by Sudanese President Omar al Bashir and Wynter Kabimba was the founding chairperson under patronage from Sudan.

But after being fired as Secretary General and Justice minister and replaced in both positions by Edgar Lungu, Kabimba has lost everything including this CAPP position.

Lungu is currently in chad to chair this CAPP meeting while Kabimba is at his farm.

Lungu passed through Ethiopia where he caused embassy staff to issue a statement about this and that but whose main aim was to tell the world that he is now the chair of CAPP.

Lungu was welcomed at Bole International Airport by Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Susan Sikaneta and embassy staff.

Sikaneta later issued a statement that, while in Chad, Lungu will chair the meeting of the one-day conference, whose main theme is the establishment of youth wings.

Lungu is accompanied by PF officer-in-charge of the international desk Longo Chibesakunda, former University of Zambia president Steven Kyengula, who is in charge of youth mobilisation at the PF Youth Centre and a youth from Chililabombwe, Mumbo Mwale.

The meeting is scheduled to take place in the Chad capital, Ndjamena today. “The main thrust of the meeting is the establishment of the youth wing of the council. The GeneralAssembly of members will bring together youths so that we involve them in developing the continent,” Mr Lungu said.

“I will also be taking advantage of the event to meet the secretary general and the deputy presidents of the CAPP. We need to know each other and share the expectations of other members from Zambia’s presidency.”

“Even political parties that are in the opposition who believe that humanity is one are free to join. Some political parties who have been in opposition when they form government tend to look down on others and vice versa. By working together we can break that barrier. The world order can be refined if we break such barriers,” Mr Lungu said.

While in Addis Ababa, Mr Lungu also met the secretary general of the CAPP, Nafie Ali Nafie, who was also travelling to Chad for the congress.

During their meeting, Mr Lungu and Dr Nafie discussed matters of youth and women empowerment on the African continent. Dr Nafie is member of the High Office of Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party.

“The youth are a very important driving force to our development as a continent. Our political parties cannot survive without the youth. We will also soon be having a special meeting on women,” Dr Nafie said.

Meanwhile, Mr Lungu has assured Zambians abroad that the situation in Zambia is calm and that the country has just successfully held five peaceful by-elections.

He said the situation in Zambia was not as portrayed by some online
publications which lived in a virtual world.

And Ms Sikaneta, who congratulated Mr Lungu on his appointment as Justice minister andsecretary general of the PF, said the embassy was proud that Zambia would be giving political leadership to the CAPP for the next five years.

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