Reasons why a recount in Lusaka district is needed

1. G12 forms were withheld from our polling agents after the initial release, meaning they were not able to verify the results. The totalling process cannot be legitimately completed without these and the only way to now verify them transparently is to recount the votes in the presence of all stakeholders.

Note the form was initially being released but then halted in Lusaka. We believe this was a deliberate move to leave results open in Lusaka so the PF could boost their numbers as required on the basis of results coming in from the other provinces.

2. During the delays with the G12 there was widespread intimidation at polling stations including Kamwala basic school in Kabwata and Olympia school in Mandevu where PF agents physically kicked out our agents during the counting process.

3. Dr. Mwanawasa uncovered a discrepancy of 14,000 votes in the Kanyama presidential vote, across a total of 20 polling streams. Informed by her agent that numbers were not adding up she came to the totalling centre to find the missing results literally thrown in the bin. Once retrieved our vote share went from 17,985 to 32,024.

This is just one constituency and we know they have rolled out a similar scheme across Lusaka.

4. Instances where a higher number of votes were cast than registered voters. For example at Kamanga polling station in Munali 714 more votes than registered voters were recorded.

5. Discovery of pre-marked ballots outside of ZAF HQ as late as Sunday morning. We are filing a legal case to present the evidence on this matter.

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