Rebasing: I can’t withdraw money from my account in Zambia

Dear Editor,
My wife, my children and I are stranded in South Africa Capetown because we can not withdraw money from out account in Zambia.
We came for the festive holidays here and we wanted to go to another town today to continue the holidays before we return home.
But when we wanted to settle the bills at the hotel we are lodging, we discovered that we can not pay using our visa. We tried to withdraw cash but the ATM machines say ‘Service not allowed’ and ‘your card issuer is no available’ at another ATM.
I thought maybe its just my account but the same thing is happening for my wife. We are all with Barclays bank.
When we phoned Lusaka, they bank told us due to the rebasing, all visa services have been suspended.
They could not tell us when we shall be able to access our money and in the meantime we can’t move out of the hotel and we are being viewed with suspicion.
What kind of government is this which does things in such a haphazard manner?
Jesus we are in trouble in this country?

Besa and family

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