Recall UN’s Rogan, opposition PeP demands


The Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) has appealed to the United Nations Secretary general to recall Zambia’ Country representative, Janet Rogan for her improper conduct.
In a statement, PeP president Sean Tembo said Ms. Rogan’s stay was no longer tenable given the biases as alleged by the UPND.
Below is the statement issued by PeP.

1. As Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP), we have noted the accusations that were recently leveled against the United Nations Country Represantative to Zambia, Ms. Janet Rogan, by the United Party for National Development, regarding alleged improper conduct before, during and after the 2016 general elections.

2. From where we stand, it is difficult to ascertain the efficacy of the allegations leveled against the UN Country Represantative to Zambia. However, what is clear is that subsequent to these allegations, Ms. Janet Rogan’s public standing in this country has been tainted beyond redemption and she cannot reasonably be expected to properly discharge her duties as the United Nations Head of Mission to Zambia.

3. Given the foregoing, we in the Patriots for Economic Progress hereby call upon the UN Secretary General, Mr. Antonio Guterres to immediately recall the UN Country Represantative to Zambia. In as much as the UPND allegations against Ms. Janet Rogan cannot be verified, neither can they be rubbished. It must be noted that as the official Main Opposition political party in Zambia, the UPND is a key player in our democratic processes as a nation and the UN should not ignore their concerns.

4. Additionally, the United Nations is supposed to be a completely impartial body and all allegations of impropriety must be conclusively addressed. In this regard, we call upon the UN Secretary General to ensure that in addition to recalling Ms. Janet Rogan, the United Nations must send a team of investigators to come to Zambia and ascertain the veracity of the allegations made by the UPND against the UN Country Represantative to Zambia.

5. As Patriots for Economic Progress, we believe that if the United Nations fails to adequately address this matter, the entire institution risks losing its relevance not only in Zambia, but across the African Continent as it will be perceived as a neo-imperialist body that is bent on undermining the democratic processes of member countries.

Thank You and May God Bless the Great Citizens of the Republic of Zambia and Our Ailing Nation.

Yours Truly


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