Recalled envoy turns to witchdoctors

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 16.46.43Editor,
Wendy Sinkala the Zambian ambassador in Namibia has been recalled for abusive behaviour to her staff. She has been abusive to both her junior diplomats and casual workers to a level where she insults them of their private parts and tells them that they are all worthless and they will always be workers for people like her. In cases the workers at her house have even reported being physically beaten and starved as punishment for the smallest mistakes just like that evil woman from the Nigerian films patience Azonkwor. She has now abused the wrong staff when she insulted her new chef who secretly recorded her and came to play her insults to the minister of foreign affairs and she is now recalled…Bravo to the minister, this is what the president is talking about when he says look after staffs welfare.
Some of us who have worked at the ministry for a long time remember in 2003 when she was a deputy high commissioner in Namibia when she was first recalled after causing a scandal when she was having an affair with a married first secretary at the same embassy.
she is now in Zambia to see her witchdoctor so that he can play tricks on president Sata so that the recall will be reversed.

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