Red arrows coach Yobe ‘traines’ friend’s fiancé in bed

Red arrows coach Yobe  ‘traines’ friend’s fiancé in bed

RED Arrows Football Club assistant coach and former Swedish Örgryte midfielder Dominic Yobe has once again made wrong headlines but this time, it involves matters of the heart.

And Andrew Liyungu says he emotionally invested “so much in this relationship” with Tabitha Mulilo and leaving her was a painful decision.

Yobe, who in 2011 had his contract terminated with Swedish side HJK after being convicted of match fixing and bribery, is at it again but this time for allegedly ‘fixing’ Liyunga’s fiancée Tabitha.

In a recording of a phone conversation that has gone viral and sparked debates on social media, Liyunga is heard quizzing Yobe on why he was having sex with his fiancée.

The angry Liyunga was demanding answers from Yobe on why he opted to sleep with a woman he knew was engaged to be married.

But Yobe, in a terrified voice, failed to give answers to the many questions that Liyunga presented to him.

Dominic: Hello, hello. The network is bad, like I said I am on the road. Is it okay I call you when I get where I am going?

Liyunga: I don’t think there will be time for you by then.
Dominic: Pardon
Liyunga: I will be too busy with my uncles by then, because right now I am organizing them we call this thing off.

Dominic: Okay

Liyunga: So if you love her you can continue, Dominic I cant continue with a cheater.
Dominic: No, there is nothing like that.

Liyunga: You know Dominic that she is engaged to me but you go on, mupanga nama plan picking her mwapelekana kunyumba kwako.

Dominic: aaah, aaah like I said I am on the road, can I call you when I get where I am going?

After it was clear that Yobe had no answers to Liyunga’s questions, the latter continued blasting the footballer on allegations of having sex with his fiancé.
“You are sleeping with her now, what will stop you from f****ng her when she is my wife? Because traditionally ukapeleka mambale she is officially my wife but you are f****ng her. What is the difference, why should I continue with such a girl,”

asked Liyunga.

“That’s why they say we men are dogs, just look at your madam Constance [Yobe’s fiancee], how beautiful she is but you still go on and f***k her [Tabitha]. Is she [Constance] not enough for you Dominic? I think Constance is not enough for you, it’s a simple question with a simple answer, is she not enough for you that you have to come to my madam and f**k her?”

In the entire conversation lasting 23 minutes and 52 seconds, Yobe was on the receiving end as the charged Liyunga kept quizzing him on the details of their sexual escapades.

And in an interview yesterday, Liyunga narrated that he loved Tabitha and how he had given a deaf ear on her past promiscuous life.

He said in the past, the two had fought over her involvement with footballers but insisted that he was ready to settle down with her.

The emotional Liyunga said it was with a heavy heart that he was calling off their engagement as he was truly in love with Tabitha.

“I am really broken, for me she was the one; I trusted her so much and the hope of reconciling is not thereafter presenting this case to her. I expected, like any other normal woman, to be apologetic, to apologise but she decided to take a defensive step saying what happened is that they just went somewhere and she was brought back. Even the sister was not even aware that she had even gone out, she said that she cannot tolerate such nonsense happening in her house,”

narrated Liyunga.

“You can look at a lady and see how remorse and shameful she is over what she has done but I couldn’t see that in her. All I could see was this hardcore person; then I concluded that this was not going anywhere and I told her that you and me are done. She also said yes, we are done and she removed my ring. You know where you trust someone…ooh, for me she was the one. She had her dirty past which I never cared about because I loved her…”

When called for comment, Yobe said he was busy at work and promised to call back this reporter, but he never did by

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