Red Card Campaign for youth’s jobs!!! Is it a necessary panacea for the young of our nation?

By Derby Aongola

Losing MMD kanchibiya aspiring legislator Sunday Chilufya Chanda cum youth advocate has of late become popular with his newly formed NGO called the Open Society Foundation which is gradually rising to prominence with its red card campaign for youth’s jobs initiative poised to be launched on the 12th of March, 2012 in Lusaka.

Notwithstanding Sunday’s constitutional entitlements which inter alia guarantee his freedom of expression, it is important to note that there are some flaws in his push for better welfare for young people.

Number one, it is clearly inconceivable to understand were Sunday derives his moral authority to talk about creating jobs for young people when his own political party, inter alia, got voted out of office because of its inability to ameliorate the lives of the youths in the country. Under Sunday’s political party the MMD, the national cake was never shared equally with evident primacy given to MMD cadres and youths at the expense of non-politically aligned youths who remained marginalized.

Number two, Under the MMD which is Sunday’s political party, ordinary youths were largely sidelined through initiatives such as the Youth development fund and even the CEEC which primarily stood as channels of political appeasement for the MMD cadres. The ordinary youths that Sunday is today trying to use as a launch pad to national politics and to enhance his position as his paymasters campaign manager were sidelined. In other words, it is totally immoral for Sunday to masquerade in broad day light.

In order to have a clear understanding of Sunday’s genuineness, it is important to know how long the problem of youth unemployment has been in existence. For argument’s sake, is it not accurate to state that this problem over a year old? Let’s take a few questions!! When did Sunday become aware of the problem of youth unemployment? Would Sunday have undertaken the same initiative some 6 months ago when his political party was in power? Would Sunday have criticized the MMD under which he stood with the same vigour had they won back the people’s mandate? If most of the responses to the aforementioned questions are in the negative, then it is safe to conclude that Sunday is doing nothing other than insulting the intelligence of the youth who have hitherto felt the pangs of the unemployment that he is falsely attempting to fight. Summarily, Sunday’s activities are pure political fraud.

At conceptual level, we equally find Sunday’s remedy by and large defective because it is aimed at peddling at approach that should be assigned to the cupboard. It is honestly not progressive to continue pushing young people to be job dependent. As an association, we honestly posit that young people should be called to rise to the challenge of job and wealth creation. With this standpoint in mind, it is cardinal to propose financial inclusiveness of young people with respect to access to capital and other enterprise supporting measures. If we are going to realise a growing economy as a country, it will not be through encouraging youths to shout to government for jobs but we shall need youths to call for government to create an enabling environment for the growth of youth driven businesses.

In summary, the seriousness of purpose of our country to solving the problems facing youths will be determined by the seriousness of measures put in place. It is totally immoral to use young people as a launch pad for selfish interests. Our people are able to read in between the lines and understand pure masquerading.

In realization of the challenges faced by young people in terms of sources of income, we firmly recommend that government should put in place measures that will enable youths to

(a)  Have easy access to different types of financing for their businesses such as order finance, and ensure that they are able to effectively run their businesses

(b) There should be enough capacity building initiatives aimed at improving the delivery of young people in delivering through their businesses

(c)  Create youth based business networks that shall enable young people to share best practices

(d) There is need to consider young people as an integral part of the national economy if we are to find a right place for youths in our country.

With the above stated, young people are positioned to occupy an important place in the development of the nation and not be used in programs that are purely aimed at benefitting those that want to use them to rise to the echelons of power.


Derby Aongola

vice president

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