Reduced salaries; First Quantum miners hit back

Reduced salaries; First Quantum miners hit back

First Quantum miners have resorted to putting sand in engines of mining trucks as a way of protesting poor salaries.

In January, First Quantum rescinded it’s decision to prune workers. In the last quarter of 2018 First Quantum announced plans to reduce its workforce due to new mining taxes imposed by PF. But the mining company instead reduced salaries of workers massively leaving miners depressed. But PF praise singers went on rooftops celebrating how PF has saved jobs.

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    joseph mwape 1 week ago

    KCM is now retrenching those who have reached 55 yrs and above.

    Even if KCM retire all the workers they will NOT employee anyone to replace those who have been retired. This is one way of reducing worker as one way of protesting about the increased taxes by the government. PF you have disappointed Chingola miners. WHY KCM only. Warning those who are remaining the pension is up to 55yrs and NOT 60 or 65yrs.

    The case with KCM is still going to court when the law is signed it means those who have not retired they should continue working until they reach retirement age of 60 and 65.Solicitor general should intervene in this matter, before it goes to surpreme court.

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    All of a sudden K30000 is put at stake.Thats not how you motivate workers. Deal with the route cause and not the effects. HRM-Ball in your court.