Referendum fails

The Referendum on the bill of rights and article 79 has failed.

Disgraced ECZ Chairperson Esau Chulu has declared the referendum as ‘failed’, havig failed to meet the threshold given the following statistics:

-Central Statistics Office (CSO) Estimate of eligible voters: 7, 528, 091
-Minimum threshold (number required for referendum to succeed) : 3, 764, 046
-Total votes cast: 3, 345, 471
-Yes Votes: 1, 853, 559
-No votes: 753, 549
-Rejected votes: 739, 363

Hopefully Chulu was reading the correct figures. The referendum was held alongside the elections whose results have been disputed.

During the campaign period, the PF was urging people to vote ‘yes’ while the UPND was urging people to either vote no or ignore the referendum.

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