Refrain from politics of confrontation, CCZ advises politicians

The Council of Church (CCZ) advised politicians in the country to refrain from engaging themselves in politics of confrontation because it undermines the peace and stability  of the country.
And CCZ has also urged various political parties preparing to launch their pre 2011 elections campaigns to ensure that they hold their campaigns in a free, fair and transparent manner and avoid character assassination.
CCZ General Secretary Suzanne Matale said the growing trend of using unpalatable language by politicians against eachother has negative effects and is setting a bad precedent for the coming generation.
Speaking at the council released a Pastoral Letter on the state of the nation in Lusaka  , Rev. Matale said this is why there is need for political parties and other stakeholders in the country to strictly observe the electoral code of conduct by upholding peace, respect for human rights and dignity for life.
Meanwhile, Rev Matale has also challenged Zambians to register as voters in the voter registration exercise which starts in June 2010.
She said it is the responsibility of every Zambian to participate in selecting their representatives in government in a free and peace atmosphere.
She further added that there is no need for politicians to politicizing the exercise as it is intended at benefiting all the people in the country regardless of their political affiliation.
And Rev. Matale has charged that the current governance situation does not promote equal participation and justice for the ordinary Zambian.
She observed that there has been a departure from democratic principles to a non tolerant culture.
The CCZ General Secretary cited the National Constitution (NCC) making process as one exercise that needs to be inclusive if it is to represent the interest of many people in the country.
Rev. Matale explained that there  is need for  the NCC delegates to exhibit political will and patriotism and have regard for the views submitted by the people if they are to deliver a constitution that reflects the desire and aspirations of the general citizenry.
She said the NCC’s deliberations should not be seen as a scheme to plunder national resources through the demands by delegates.
She noted that delegates should refrain from making excessive demands aimed at benefiting themselves but rather concentrate on debating issues that will bring about a document that will represent many Zambians.
Rev Matale further added that there are many needy areas that require government attention and response hence the need for it to be careful in the way it is spending public funds on certain exercises.
The pastoral letter to the nation represents 22 church organisations across the country.

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