Refugees voting in Mangango

Refugees voting in Mangango

PF ferries refugees to vote in Mangango

The Patriotic Front (PF) are currently ferrying Angolan refugees from the camps in Kaoma to vote in the the Mangango by election.
The camp commanders , according to informers have been directed by Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo to ensure that three thousand refuges are released and ferried to go and vote for the ruling party.
“We have instructions to release some of the refuges and as we speak vehicles are already taking them to polling stations.

The Minister sent an instruction through the Commissioner of Refuges that we release and allow 3000 Angolans and Rwandan refuges to vote.

” They (PF) really want to win this election. UPND should make sure they monitor the movement of the refuges,” a source has hinted .

Some of the refuges had to travel from Lusaka for this particular assignment.

The people of Mangango are voting today for their area Member of Parliament following the demise of the former representative Mwene who died in a road accident.

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