Regina Chiluba Judgment won’t be delivered tomorrow

Judgment in the appeal case by former president Frederick Chiluba’s wife, Regina, against her conviction over receiving stolen property will be delivered on October 29, 2010, the Watchdog has been told.

The judgment was supposed to be announced tomorrow October 1, 2010.

Judge Evans Hamaundu called lawyers for both parties Thursday (Today) afternoon to inform them of the development.

Regina Chiluba appealed to the High Court against a three-year conviction by Lusaka magistrate Charles Kafunda in which she was jailed after being found guilty on five counts of receiving property believed to have been stolen.

The appeal is being handled by three High Court judges. The three judges are expected to write individual judgments.

In such a situation, two similar  judgments will determine guilty or innocence. But all the three judges can come up with similar judgments.

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