Regulating dialogue

Regulating dialogue

The National Dialogue Bill has gone through Parliament with 91 members voting for it, 55 UPND members abstaining.

It is now waiting for the owner of the bag of money (Abene bakasaka kandalama) President Edgar Lungu to sign it and become law.

However, we have a question for the Patriotic Front Members of Parliament who voted in favour of the bill. What primitivity is this? Where in the world can dialogue be regulated? What insolence is this? Yes we are aware of who the target for this bill is but there is an old adage. Do not dig a deep hole for your enemy lest you fall in it.

What the PF MP’s have done will one day haunt them. Yes late Michael Sata thrived on illiterates to build the PF so we expect little or nothing at all from the PF riffraffs in parliament but for people like Makebi Zulu and Dora Siliya who were in MMD to support this is another story. Dora knows how she frequented courts. Makebi knows how he defended his clients.

During MMD government, Parliament passed a bill that made theft of motor vehicle non bailable. The target was Archi Mactrobouy who was allegedly having an affair with Vera Chiluba the then wife to President Chiluba. Chiluba ascented to the bill and it became law. Michael Sata then as a Senior Cabinet Minister in MMD was in the forefront advocating for this bill. What happened next? Michael Sata was on the receiving end. Levy Mwanawasa locked him on the charge of theft of motor vehicle. As Brebner Changala has rightly put it, what goes round will surely come around. Given Lubinda is playing games and the sooner the PF and Edgar Lungu realise he is treacherous, the better. Let us wait and see.

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