Rehabilitate prisons, you may soon find yourselves in there, PF leaders advised

By Nason Msoni

Time is certainly fast running-out for the dirty PF political functionaries that have amassed and accumulated obscene and an explained wealth in the last 35 months of being in government. The need to repair those dirty congested dungeons is quickly running-out and they too could be residents for a long time to come. It would be a serious and tragic failing for social justice for any successive Zambian government that will evolve should there be elections any time soon to allow PF bandits go an punished following the lawless and merciless plunder of state resources. There is no plausible explanation on the usage of Eurobond funds and where ultimately these funds have disappeared to save for claims of paying civil servants and the rehabilitation of Zambia railways.

The ultimate victims of white collar crimes are the ordinary impoverished citizens who have no access even to the most basic decent treatment when they go to hospitals. Lives are lost needlessly and prematurely for lack of basic life-saving drugs. A time to demand for the justice of the ordinary every day citizen is certainly fast coming on the horizon and we will demand that known PF culprits be brought to book. Side-by-side we will need to fix our criminal Justice system if it is to win back public confidence and continue to be relevant and serve its purpose.

No-one believes that we have a fair and workable criminal Justice system in this country as the rich convicts hardly spend one night or two behind bars upon conviction. In essence true justice in this country is for the poor. It is certainly a mockery of true justice for thieving political convicts to immediately obtain and access bail pending appeal to the high court instantly on conviction and go home peacefully like nothing really happened. Lusaka is literally littered with external jailbirds on bail pending appeal to the High court and preoccupied with issuing unnecessary nauseating political statements on radios and print media in-favor of the most ridiculous policy decisions of the government of the day in order to escape Prison. It should not be the role of fellow politicians in government to be pardoning convicted renegade politicians and other wrongdoers as this negates and betrays the principal of equitable justice to citizens.

It clearly erodes public confidence and is tantamount to interference in the judicial processes. This is a mess which the next government must address and fix decisively to forestall public confidence in the criminal Justice system of the country. Without doubt the appalling and shocking state of the congested Zambian prisons is scandalous and gravely breaches the UN convention on human rights and of the rights of the inmates and therefore calls for concerted effort on the part of government to address this challenge.

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