Reinstate nurses, Miyanda tells Sata

Reinstate nurses, Miyanda tells Sata

The Heritage Party has urged President Michael Sata to rescind his unjustified act of dismissing nurses who have been demanding for more money in their pockets, according to the PF Gospel of lies. Lest he has forgotten, we must continue reminding him and his ministers of their many promises and first actions upon ascending to power in 2011.

The PF promised heaven but have delivered hell. During 2011 election campaigns President Sata promised to deport “RB’s Chinese”. Yet within days of becoming President the first foreign dignitaries he feted were the Chinese Ambassador and a group of Chinese Businessmen – first broken promise!

He has also demonstrated double standards: he granted chiefs a “salary raise” of millions of Kwacha (three to four million). We are not aware of chiefs rising up to demand for an immediate salary, at least not publicly. He gave them an arbitrary raise when they are NOT government workers nor are they salaried. Probably he wanted to show that he is a man of action; in that case let him show this by acting fast to rescind his wrong and unfair decision to fire the nurses who were demanding for fair-play.

The Minister of Labour, Mr Fackson Shamenda, has argued that nurses are essential workers so they must not go on strike; if so let his government demonstrate good faith by paying them well,  without waiting for them to complain or go on strike. The PF must not take advantage of their essential status by denying them a fare wage. But the real issue is not about being essential workers but about fair-play. Even if the President imports Chinese nurses he will still have to pay them – there is nothing for nothing, for no one can eat patriotism when the President and his Ministers have paid themselves huge salaries and “heavenly” conditions of service – MORE MONEY IN THEIR POCKETS!

The President intervened in the miners’ threatened dismissal by KCM, without waiting for union action. Why the discrimination? Why the selectiveness? President Sata is answerable for the fiasco created among workers in general, and among the nurses in particular, by raising the workers’ expectations too high through his reckless campaign promises.  And the reason he has fired the nurses is because they were only a hundred or so as opposed to the thousands of miners.

We call upon President Sata to rescind his decision and reinstate all the nurses without pre-conditions.





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