‘Reinstated’ nurses should remember suffering they went through

Dear Editor,

In the quest to win votes PF is at it again to do a don’t Kubeba on more than 500 nurses who were fired some two years ago. Whilst the nurses are excited about getting their jobs back I wish to appeal to them not to vote for the PF but instead vote them out. I urge them to do a don’t Kubeba on this Patriotic Front (PF) government.  The fired nurses suffered a lot to survive and the pain and anguish it directly inflicted on them and their immediate family members is something too huge to bear  and one that cannot easily be forgotten. Please nurses let not PF use you as scapegoats to get your sympathy votes. Please dust your voters’ and NRC cards and be ready to go in large numbers and vote them out on 20th January 2015. Campaign also to your immediate family members who suffered as a result of their evil action on you. Your immediate family members suffered as well and let them do likewise to vote this PF out of power or in control of government.

 Again for you nurses this is the time not to celebrate but to show the current government led by PF your displeasure by voting them out of office. Some of you were innocent but you were merely sacrificed. PF displayed the dictatorial tendencies in this matter and effort to persuade them from ZCTU, the Church mother bodies, donors and other international organisations to reinstate the fired nurses proved futile. At their recent rally it was announced that this is a Christmas gift to nurses. I wonder how this can be a gift when nurses’ children left schools as a result of PF evil action? There is no need to thank the government for giving you back the jobs, those jobs are yours and you were unjustly dismissed

A crocodile will remain the same whether in water or on the surface and to me Mr. Edgar Lungu is contradicting himself from some of the decisions he was part and parcel of it for instance on the firing of nurses. Or put it this way the reinstatement of nurses can be termed as last kicks of a dying horse. Edgar has nothing to tell the Zambian people. He has opted to fight certain media organisation as opposed to sell his party and himself to the electorates. His campaign messages are shallow a sign that the man has nothing to offer but to only satisfy individuals surrounding him who want to continue engaging in the act of corruption when he wins the election.

Nurses this is your opportune time to repay back this ungrateful government over the sufferings you endured you and your family members.

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