Rejected candidate claims will deliver Solwezi to PF

Rejected candidate claims will deliver Solwezi to PF



***But if he was adopted, was he going to say all this ?

A Mr Milner Katolo, who says he is a former UPND Member of the National Management Committee (NMC) says UPND has lamentably failed to play its role as a party in opposition.

Katolo wondered when he officially ditched UPND to join the ruling Patriotic Front at the PF Lusaka Province office on Friday what the opposition party could do if people were to vote them into power.

He castigated opposition leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema for failing to provide inspiring leadership during the recently held Party Convention.

Katolo who applied for the Parliamentary seat in Solwezi Central disclosed that selfish members in the opposition party dribbled him when he had all the needed recommendations to be adopted.

He explained that Mr Hichilema failed to provide inspiring leadership when approached over the matter in question and made Mr. Katolo move from one person to another without fruition.

“I applied in Solwezi and won at all levels except at Provincial where they played with the results and gave me fake results despite having all the needed recommendations to be adopted,” he said.

“When I told HH, the man did not provide inspiring leadership and he made me to go from one person after another without fruition. They tried to make me bribe them for them to adopt me but I told them that it was time to work with the right party that values people.”

He has however disclosed that he is hitting the road to persuade people to vote for His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and the mighty PF.

“Like I said, I am not coming alone. I am bringing with me a huge number of people in Solwezi of Nothwestern province and we will hit the UPND where it hurts them the most. Today we are hitting the ground running starting with Kitwe and then Solwezi to persuade our people to vote for President Lungu and the might PF,” he said.

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