Relative confirms KK marriage to Nkomeshya, Kambarange says won’t waste time on Watchdog

Relative confirms KK marriage to Nkomeshya, Kambarange says won’t waste time on Watchdog

A close relation to Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukambo II has confirmed the Zambianwatchdog revelations that she is planning to get married to former president Kenneth Kaunda.

Kabarange hiding in dark glasses

Kabarange hiding in dark glasses

The relative disclosed that as a family, they have been aware of the planned marriage but are very embarrassed about it.

“Maybe they will stop now that you have exposed it. People have tried to cancel our antie (Chieftainess Nkomeshya) but she seems deeply in love with KK. As I am talking now, she has even been sponsored to London by president Michael Sata who is the bashibukombe (a go between). She is out shopping in London. Can you imagine,” the relative disclosed.

More than half a century ago, (more than 50 years), it was again Mr. Sata’s parents that organized the marriage of Kaunda to late Betty Kaunda and today the son (Sata) is again organizing the marriage of Kaunda to Chieftainess Nkomeshya.

And when asked to comment on the purported marriage between his father and Nkomeshya, Kaunda’s youngest son Kambarange Kaunda who is based in Angola replied in Portuguese below.

Em vez de profanar um patrimônio nacional que deve ser um ponto de encontro para todos os zambianos , devemos estar mais preocupados com a construção da nação . Em vez disso, estamos preocupados com assuntos que não contribuem em nada para o desenvolvimento do nosso país. Dê uma olhada em nossos vizinhos de Angola e Moçambique . Não podemos comparar a nossa taxa de desenvolvimento com estes dois países que foram devestated pela guerra civil. Isso ocorre porque as pessoas não perdem tempo politicagem de uma eleição para a outra. Depois das eleições que descer para o negócio de construção da nação e nada mais. Em vez disso, estão preocupadas com o que o outro está fazendo ? O macaco olha para o rabo do outro . Até que mudar nossas atitudes , como povo , não há um líder que deve ser capaz de nos tirar do imbróglio em que estamos ! Nós podemos mudar a liderança que todos nós queremos , mas até que o povo de Zâmbia decidir que queremos desenvolver esta nação que ficará preso no tempo. Eu, pelo menos não descansarei até que eu faça a minha parte para o meu país! Para aqueles que querem perder tempo com o ZWD , desejo-lhe tudo de melhor em sua curta viagem .

Instead of desecrating a national heritage which should be a meeting point for all Zambians, we should be more concerned with the construction of the nation. Instead, we are concerned with issues that do not contribute anything to the development of our country. Take a look at our neighbours of Angola and Mozambique. We can’t compare our rate of development with these two countries who were devestated by the civil war.

This occurs because people don’t waste time politicking of an election for the other. After the election to get down to the business of nation-building and nothing else. Instead, they’re worried about what the other is doing? The monkey looks at the tail of the other. Until we change our attitudes, as a people, there is a leader who should be able to get us out of the mess we’re in! We can change the leadership that we all want, but until the people of Zambia decide that we want to develop this nation to be stuck in time. I for one will not rest until I do my part to my country! For those who want to waste time with the ZWD, I wish you all the best in your short trip.

ZWD RESPONSE TO KABARAGE KAUNDA: Are you not the one who was sentenced to death by hanging for killing Tabeth Mwanza when your father was still president?  Do you think the country has forgotten that night of Sept. 3, 1989 when you, without any justifiable cause shot dead Tabitha? This is the reason you can’t even participate in public life like your brothers. You are ashamed and rightly so. The life of the young girl you took away haunts you. Who is desecrating the national heritage between you a convicted murderer and us reporters just recording history? Why are you hiding in Angola? You think the police are still after you or when  in Zambia you see the ghost of our sister whose life you cut so savagely at the tender age of 20?

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