Release Roger Chongwe Commission report-FDD

Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza has demanded that the outgoing PF government releases the Roger Chongwe Commission of Inquiry report on the Mongu riots and killings of 2011 now that the government is yet again publishing the Barotseland Agreement.
But Chishimba Kambwili, a member of the PF imposed cabinet has maintained that the Roger Chongwe report, which he referred to as the Roger Mwewa report will not be released because it was a preserve of President Lungu.
Mwanza said the people of Barotseland made submissions to the Commission and Zambians need to know their feelings on the matter.
‘The report should be published so that we all have a feel of the people of Barotseland on the Barotseland Agreement because they made their submissions, we need to know what is happening in Barotseland,’ Mwanza demanded.
But Kambwili said the Roger Chongwe report will not be released but government will instead release the Barotseland Agreement (it is already public) for the public to read.
‘The Roger Mwewa (Chongwe) Report will not be released, it is a preserve of the President,’ Kambwili claimed.
He said he was meeting the Zanis Director today Tuesday for discussions adding that the document will be read out on Radio and published in the print media.
Kambwili said they will also print fliers and throw them around for all Zambians to read the document.
President Lungu recently banned any discussions on the Barotseland Agreement claiming that only him and the Litunga (King) were discussing the matter but now he wants to publish the same document.

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