Religious minister serving no purpose

Religious minister serving no purpose

Patrick Sikana writes …


Dear Hon Godfridah Sumaili,

We don’t know each other. So this letter is not me being a minister-slamming douchebag, as your fans and fanatics will doubtless immediately scream. In fact, until the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs was created for you, I had never heard of you. So, this is nothing personal.

Your letter yesterday admonishing all Zambians to stop splashing lewd pictures revealing acres of sensual flesh on social media would have landed well had it not been as cowardly as it was hypocritical.

Let’s be honest, Hon Minister, your letter is the latest dance to the drum Mutale Mwanza is beating. It was a knee-jerk reaction to her advert showing a tiny bottle of Bio-oil surrounded by a lot of nakedness and an oversized bra. I don’t blame you for feeling disgusted. I equally didn’t know whether to cheer, or cringe. It took me time to find out what was being advertised despite the fact that very little was hidden.

The issue I have with you, madam Sumaili, is that once again you missed your opportunity to disprove those of us who have repeatedly and bluntly criticized you and your ministry as being astonishingly spineless and irrelevant. You would have earned a bit of respect from me had you been brave enough to name and shame the people parading their gory tentacles directly instead of painting the whole nation with the same immoral brush. That was cowardly.

Now, while we are at it, can I tell you what else is immoral in this country? Can I?

1. It is immoral for 1.3 billion kwacha of COVID 19 funds to go missing, and you are mute.

2. It is immoral for to try to change the national constitution just to grant one man longevity in power, and you are mute.

3. It is immoral for journalists and perceived political opponents to be thrown in jail for merely exercising their freedom of speech and association, and you are mute.

4. It is immoral for ministers and other influential people to constantly and publicly spew tribal gall against one group, and you are mute.

5. It is immoral that there are not enough ARVs in hospital facilities and the government is dishing out funds on party lines, and you are mute.

6. It is immoral for a government to spend 42 million dollars on dinosaur fire tenders and you are mute.

The list is long, but I hope you get the drift. Do you know how Jesus defined hypocrites? He called them “blind guides who strain out an insect from the water, but go ahead to swallow a whole camel” Mt 23. 24.

Now, that’s you, Madam Sumaili.

Policing morality isn’t easy. But the first step is starting where you are. Salvation, after all, must start in Jerusalem, before going to Judea and Samaria. Set your own house in order. Then, perhaps only then, can you stand on the moral pedestal and urge us to abandon involuntary porn.

Stop this virtue-signaling and get serious. There are enough moral issues to address in Zambia than the frenzy of click-baiting socialites wanting to bask their nudes in the shingle of social media.

Nobody wants to see or hear their leader playing the wag when people are dying from poverty and you have a cabinet feeding from a table of corruption.

The next time you guide the nation, we want to see gravity that reflects the reality. Until then, my guess is that many citizens would rather endure nude photos, than take a government that is hiding gassers seriously.

Warm regards


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