Remember Chiluba’s disgraceful ending, Shakafuswa tells Lungu

Remember Chiluba’s disgraceful ending, Shakafuswa tells Lungu


Jonas Shakafuswa writes:


I greet you as a brother, friend and fellow Countryman. I feel this might be not the right way of communication. But I feel the only one I have since you have cut all communication with me. Am not at all disappointed with your cutting communication. I heard you last time you referred to some of them as being angry messages. I apologise for the angry message. But maybe I thought they could actually bring you to see things the way I see them. I appreciate my association with you. To me you still the same person I met and played Management football in the same team 33 years ago. What has changes is status. For me I believe money, status should not define who you are. It should enable you to change the people around you to appreciate who you are. I have come to realise that in most cases we are misled by association. Some just acquittances we meet in our pursuance of our dreams. Some people come into our lives when we are at the top because of the exploits they can access through us. Not that they believe in us. When they are done with us they go. They forget about you. I know of some people who helped you with a lot of money and airplanes when you were finally adopted as a candidate in 2015 for Presidential Election. I doubt if these were your friends when you were an ordinary person. I note with concern that these friend have made it their preoccupation to get a pay back to their investment. Through their main contact they have found permanent presence in your schedules. They are involved in almost all financial transactions with government hiding that they are fund raising for the Party. Yes they are playing an important role. But at what cost to the Country. For me from 2015 they have gotten their payback and should allow you concentrate on National duties.

That aside. You first duty as President was to swear an oath to the people of Zambia. You swore to uphold the Constitution of Zambia. Your Country. My Country, Our Country. Not to your Party PF. I love the fact that you are a Lawyer. People can say anything about our lives. Usually the most vocal who scrutinize people’s lives have lived no better than ourselves. What ever our past we have the present and the future. Fortunately for you the people of Zambia have entrusted you with authority to led this Nation. Not for the benefit of those praise singers of yours alone but for the whole living population of this Country and the unborn. You decisions today will impact on the Nation today and future generation. How do you rate yourself in the area of good governance, National building forging the bridges of national unity and peaceful coexistence of your people who you lead?

People have been in that office before you. What legacy are you going to leave for yourself? I remember my Uncle Benjamin Mwila jr.. telling me about HE Chiluba. He found him alone at his Serval Rd house alone in dark silence in his living room at noon. Curtains closed. All the praise singers gone. Most changed camp and were snitching on him. That job can give you comfort and power. But it is limited and dependent on how you use it today. Tomorrow you might end up a very miserable person running from one Court to another like Chishimba Kambwili today.

The Constitution provides for a Multiparty Democracy. Do you understand the meaning. The Constitution, not you, allowed the coexistence of other political Parties. The harassment of your political opponents is a breach to the Constitution. You are emphasizing the upholding of Christian values in Bill 10, when people are questioning your upholding of the same values. Why should your perceived Political enemies be harassed and arrested by state agencies when you swore to protect their rights to coexists as in the Constitution. Why should your Party override Government institution to an extent of making such institutions ineffective. Why should your Party members meet without permission, while others are denied the same opportunity. Why should we move away from Christian value values which asks us to uphold the highest moral standards and allow a Corrupt system to be the order of the day? I can go on and on. Remember MONEY AND STATUS SHOULD NOT DETERMINE WHO YOU ARE. Have a blessed day. May the almighty God give you good health, his blessings and most of all wisdom. I love you.

Jonas Jonadab Shakafuswa.

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