Remember this ZWD editorial: President Sata and the nonsense he is bringing

September 23, 2011 | Filed under: Editor’s Choice | Zambian Watchdog

Michael Sata has won the presidency and it is good that all the noise and tension brought about the election has ended. But this is the beginning of real problems for Zambia. A huge mistake has been made. Michael Sata is not fit to run a country. In fact, Sata is not fit to head any group or society where there are laws.

In life we are only what we are. Sata is a thug and that can’t change despite what titles he is bestowed upon. Rupiah Banda was a hopeless president and had no capacity to develop Zambia. He was never ready to govern. It was not in him. He had no skills. He was weak. But to replace him with Sata as has been done is a national tragedy that will haunt this country for years to come. We hope this is not the beginning of another Zimbabwe or Uganda of Idi Amin.

As for us, we did our part. We do not regret anything we wrote. We showed or rather reminded Zambians as to whom this person they have installed into State house is. At the end of the day, we are only reporters and can only reflect what we see. We shall continue highlighting the nonsense that is to follow.

For, indeed, a lot of nonsense is coming. But it is not just ordinary nonsense we can laugh about. It is dangerous nonsense. Is this not the same Sata who promised to develop the country in 90 days? Well, the first day has started.

There are 89 remaining. We will be watching very closely. What about the Barotseland agreement? Will he honor it next week or this weekend? What kind of country is this which goes backward when others are moving forward? What is he going to build first, prisons to put his opponents or schools and hospitals? Rupiah Banda failed Zambia. But we could have replaced him with a sensible leader. We could have chosen any of the other 10 candidates who offered themselves for leadership.

In 1991, we were so tired of dictatorship under Kenneth Kaunda. Blindly and without thinking, we replaced Kaunda with a thief Fredrick Chiluba. And Sata was Chiluba’s right handyman. Then, because we are a nation of fools, we forget after a few days. Sata convinced you to blame the MMD for all the ills. Yet it was Sata who was chief executive of the MMD at its peak of destruction. What really do we expect from Michael Chilufya Sata, development, more money in our pockets? This is a national joke. Sata cannot deliver any of these.

For those of you who are celebrating that you have won, be happy, for you have gotten your reward already. Your reward is that your candidate has won. Except for a few who will get jobs directly from your president, the rest of you will continue wallowing in poverty like you have always done because you chose wind instead of issues. The real sakalanyongos have now taken over. Party vigilantes will now be police commanding officers.

If you thought William Banda was a mercenary, watch Judge Ngoma. We fear for professionalism of our police officers, journalists and judges. Sata will bring dictatorship and division in the country. It won’t be long before people start being detained without trial. Sata has nbeen in the corridors of power before. His record is there for all to see.

Did people really read the PF manifesto and the communism it plans to bring in this country? Is foreign investment in the country safe? Sata speaks the language of a nationalist but he is not. You can criticise us and condemn us for writing this, but we hope you keep a copy of this and read it after your celebrations are over. These are our views.

We have nothing personal against Sata. But we detest his behaviour which we believe will be become worse now that he has power. We hope those who have helped Sata to the top will maintain his friendship. Our advice to Sata is that, don’t be too excited. We do not expect much from you. But for your own sake, take it ease. But then, congratulations even though we believe you are the wrong person to be the president of our country

More is yet to come and please keep this editorial!

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