Remembering Mazoka and Mwanawasa fights

The letter below refers to the event of the famous meeting under the tree between Chiluba and Mazoka. Tetamashimba and Sakwiba Sikota had arranged in Sept 2002 that Chiluba be a witness against Mwanawasa in the presidential petition. Mike Zulu, head of National Organisation for Civic education (NOCE) then leaked the “minutes” to Mwanawasa. Mwanawasa was so annoyed that he accused Mazoka of trying to remove him from office in league with plunderers. This was Mazoka’s response:

National Headquarters

The late Mazoka

Plot No.28A

Musonda Ngosa Road

P/O BOX 38032


23rd September 2002

Mr. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa SC

State House


Dear Levy,

I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 20th September 2002 and the “minutes” enclosed therewith both of which were delivered to the press before me as the addressee. Before I respond to your letter, I wish to make two points clear;

  1. My names are A.K. Mazoka and not A.Z. Mazoka
  2. It is unbecoming of a person holding the highest office of the land, albeit fraudulently and therefore temporarily, to copy personal letters to the press.

I am greatly pleased to note from your letter that my Election Petition is causing you sleepless nights and probably high blood pressure. In case you have any doubts in your mind, I wish to state that “YES”, it is my intention to legally remove you from office, hence the commencement of my election petition against you, which is the only way I know how, unlike you Levy, who is full of talk and no action. I did not commence the Petition in order to just excite the nation and not take it seriously. So do not be fooled for one minute that the Petition is similar to your everyday rhetoric as I am very serious about exposing the fraud and corruption that took place during the last elections.

It is the duty of the legal team to identify and assess the suitability and credibility of the available witness and their evidence. As a petitioner, I receive a lot of information from members of the public which I pass on to my legal team. The Hon. Sakwiba Sikota is a lead member of the prosecution team, and therefore is entitled to attend to taking proofs of evidence and any matters by counsel pertaining to preparation of evidence are privileged. How does this become a fraudulent plot? All credible evidence should be availed to the court as the nation needs to know what transpired so that it is never repeated.

Levy, as State Counsel, you should know that when a matter is in court, the litigants are not supposed to comment on it. Furthermore all communications are supposed to be done through counsel. I therefore take strong exception to your attempts to intimidate me and my witnesses and wish to advise you that I cannot be intimidated and I am fully resolved to exposing your fraud and corruption. I need not remind you of the court’s previous censure to you, against intimidation of and interference with witnesses.

It is surprising that a senior lawyer like yourself can accept those so called minutes as being authentic and true. It does not take a genius to see that they are a total fabrication created to satisfy your ego and cultivate cheap public sympathy and therefore deserve no further comment.

I have noted with dismay and disgust your constant and dangerous desire to attract public sympathy, whenever your perceived popularity wanes, by carelessly exciting the nation on falsehoods as with the case of your alleged coup plot and assassination attempt, both of which the nation is still waiting for you to substantiate.

You accuse me of harbouring “an insatiable desire to get to State House at all costs” when in fact it is you who has an appetite for power. May I remind you of the following:

  1. You accepted to be handpicked and irregularly adopted as MMD’S presidential candidate, flouting the constitution of your party. Even your ascendancy to Acting President of the Party is in breach of your party’s own constitution.
  2. You abandoned your religious faith that bars you from active politics, to pursue political power.
  3. You willingly accepted and participated in the abuse of public resources in order to get to State House, and you have continued to perpetuate this abuse of state resources, as seen in the recent by elections.
  4. You commenced a selective campaign against corruption with the sole desire of legitimizing yourself in State House and deflecting attention from your incompetence to address national issues such as the economy, unemployment. The hunger crisis, health and education.
  5. You have been tirelessly bent on destroying the opposition and turning the nation into a one party state by buying, parading and feasting the so called defectors using state resources.

It is amazing that you should accuse me of pursuing “fraudulent means to secure court indemnity against prosecution for people suspected to have plundered national resources” when you yourself have shown absolutely no commitment to expose and address the electoral fraud and corruption. In fact, you have perpetrated and defended the fraud and corruption as evidenced when you were asked by VOA Correspondent Kellys Kaunda during your press conference on 19th September 2002 on why you have ignored dealing with the issue.

Levy, you are fully aware that it is not possible for the court to grant indemnity to anyone except in regards to crimes relating to the election which clearly you are not committed to pursuing. It is surely better that the electoral crimes are exposed even at the risk of the culprits getting indemnity than the whole issue being swept under the carpet as you are committed to doing.

Why are you deliberately trying to colour the election petition with plunder of the national resources and tend to imply that election corruption is not corruption at all? To me election corruption is the worst kind because it gives birth to a corrupt system of government. Needless to remind you that a corrupt-free election is the foundation of good governance.

I have no doubt that the nation’s resources has been plundered and the culprits must be brought to book and it really saddens me how you are bungling the whole process due to your lack of seriousness, genuine commitment and direction.

Levy, today you want to make yourself appear to be the champion of the fight against the evils of the last ten years but where were you when many Zambians, including myself, rose to condemn the rot that was taking place? You were silent as the nation was being plundered, as bad policies were being implemented and, in fact, you are on record as having supported the third term bid.

You have vehemently defended the MMD’s corruption during the elections as you wined and dined with the plunderers and proudly accepted their anointment of you as successor. Is it because you were an active participant in the plunder as with the case of the University of Zambia plots which you illegally acquired while you were Vice-President and later sold for profit without shame?

It seems to me that your sole interest is the luxury and comfort of yourself and your family and no wonder you and your wife, prefer to spend most of your time globetrotting rather than dealing with urgent national issues.

I trust that you will check your facts before you write to me based on some phantom “impeccable source”.

Yours Sincerely

Anderson K. Mazoka


United Party for National Development


A UPND Government will make a difference in Agriculture, Commerce, Trade, Industry, Environment, Finance, Government issues, information Technology, Social issues, Economic Development, the national Constitution, the State Religion”

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