Removal of retention allowances insult to university graduates

Dear editor,
It is my hope that this complaint be published. Following the highly praised salary negotiation, so many things have gone wrong in the implementation. I fill betrayed by our government and especially the unions. There could be better ways of balancing the wage bill than this evil that has been committed. Retention allowance has been a preserve of university graduates since the first republic. Removing it has created problems on the pay slip and integrity of education.
The junior ranks in medical scales are now getting better pay than a degree holder in general government scale.
 At the rank of GSS 06 and equivalent, the increment was about K 617 000 but the retention removed is about K 920 000. What a way of looking down at graduates.
For teachers, the scenario is worse. Many have gone into negatives. Retention allowance out, double class allowance out, extra duty allowance out, commuted overtime allowance out, tools allowance out, uniform allowance out and may more. Is this what we can call historical negotiation?  Shame to union leaders that announced so. The one that takes away workers incentives? I regret having this kind of Govt!
For the majority of the senior ranks the overall effect has been a decrement.
Any way , this is not a surprise. We have the head of state who has not spent much time behind the desk. He has also publicly stated that you do not need a degree to run an office and replaced graduates with cadres of low caliber.
The historical negotiation has also disadvantaged our classified daily employees by removing the LONG SERVICE BONUS. Come December 2012, there will be no funeral grant and instead the very small salary will be subjected to a deduction of a fee by the insurance  company to cover the funeral grant. The pride of the Government worker is taken away.
The NAPSA Contributions advantage Govt. NAPSA will never pay lump sum to its members. They will be put on a life salary. When will they realize there dreams to build houses and invest the money into the economy? no wonder NAPSA is able to build expensive shopping complexes.
People’s money is only benefiting the state.
I blame the union leaders to allow this kind of betrayal and manipulation.
God help us!
Concerned Civil Servant

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