Renard must go now

Dear Editor,
In as much as Zambia won the Africa Cup under this Frenchman, Renald has failed to prove to the nation that he is a coach. Perhaps we can say that Zambia were ready to face the 2012 Africa Cup because the man who was fired (Dario Bonetti) not only qualified the team to the Afcon but also assembled a very powerful team which Renald just found without any work done. After winning the cup, Renald has lamentably failed to maintain a strong team Bonetti left.
To prove that Renald is useless but an impostor of a coach who can’t even read a simple game, look at what happened in today’s march against Lesotho who were easily beaten by Ghana 7-0. During the march,  Fwayo Tembo played well during the first minutes but later on, this man became a passenger as the game progressed. A coach with sight was supposed to substitute this man but alas he couldn’t see anything. It had to take the red card of Mweene for this twit to see that Fwayo was a liability and was only substituted when it was already too late (Zambia became down by one man).
In front, the only powerful striker we had was Collins Mbesuma who was constantly being monitored by two defenders. Mbesuma was a big threat in the game and he proved his worth by scoring. The useless Renald immediately substituted the man who just scored. At first we were shocked by this substitute because Mbesuma was not even tired. We eventually thought perhaps the coach wanted to defend the lone goal but again instead of introducing a defender for this task, he brought in the inexperienced Mukuka Mulenga who plays in the upfront. It then became very clear to everyone that Renald didn’t understand what was going on. But surely why sacrifice Mbesuma? What point was Renald trying to prove? Or perhaps Lesotho paid him to kill our game. He should have substituted people like Chris Katongo who had no impact in the game. Renald’s gross incompetence eventually yielded fruits to the underdogs Lesotho. They scored with just a couple of minutes to go.
Is this man a professional coach? It’s very clear Renald is just an impostor, the earlier he is sacked the better for the national team. Under his leadership, I don’t think Zambia will qualify to the World Cup. We can bet. The man knows nothing. He doesn’t know how to read games which even a simple soccer fan can do. Renald is just wasting tax payers money. The earlier we realize this the better for the national team. As Renald goes, let us this time around settle for a local coach like Patrick Phiri. These foreigners just come to chew the money. As we settle for this coach, let’s give them the same incentives the way we do to expatriate coaches who have always disappointed us. They are the ones who better understand our players.

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