Renard likens Zambian team to a Corolla car

Herve Renard stirs a storm with metaphor over attacking Zambia’s form that it was like rejecting ones’  Toyota after driving a Benz.

Zambia are struggling to find form at the 2013 Africa Cup just a year after lifting their debut title in stunning fashion in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

The champions have collected just two points from their opening two Group C games heading into Todays’s must-win clash against leaders Burkina Faso at Mbombela Stadium.

“I would like to says one joke. When you have been driving a Corolla for so many years and we give you a Mercedes you are not happy when you go back to a Corolla,” Renard said at his final pre-match briefing in Nelspruit on Monday.
“Meaning in Zambia after driving a Corolla for a long time now you begin to think you have the best team in the World. This is a big mistake.
Despite not losing now eight successive games at the Africa Cup, Zambia must beat Burkina Faso to ensure they advance to the quarterfinals or will they will be eliminated on tonight.
Renard has remained calm under attack especially after a poor showing in a 1-1 draw against 10-man Ethiopia in their opening Group C match on January 21 plus a gaining a controversial point from the penalty spot in another 1-1 draw this time against Nigeria four days later.
“It is like that all around the World and especially in Africa when you are not playing well it is the end of the World,” Renard said.

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