National blackouts are caused by incompetence, negligence within Zesco – Internal report

National blackouts are caused by incompetence, negligence within Zesco – Internal report


Contrary to lies by the PF that the national wide blackouts the country often experiences are caused by either natural causes or the opposition, a Zesco internal report has revealed that the blackouts are caused by negligence and incompetence by Zesco staff.

Among the numerous blackouts was the amusement day of 9 September 2015 when power suddenly cut while outgoing president Edgar Lungu was in Disaster Heroes Stadium during the game between Zambia and Gabon.

The PF cried blue murder accusing and blaming everyone including God of being behind the power blackout.
But now Zesco has finally come out to reveal that the problem is caused by he incompetence and negligence of PF cadres employed as Zesco engineers. The PF has replaced qualified engineers and other skilled personnel at Zesco with PF cadres and relatives of ministers.

According to a Zesco internal memo dated 29th February 2016 and signed by Thomas Miti the senior manger for ETS, the tripping that occurred in Chambeshi on 11th January 2016, on Thursday 23rd October 2014, the national blackout on Monday 27th April 2015 and tripping on 11th February 2016 where all caused by negligence

Among the findings  by Zesco investigations as causes of the blackouts and tripping are lack of proper planning, lack of precaution measures, non compliance to safety rules, disregard for laid down communication channels and acting on impulse without exhausting investigations.

Other reasons cited include lack of consultation before making extremely uncalled for risky decisions and suspected sabotage

‘It is clear from all occurrences above that gross negligence is what resulted in the majority, if not all of the tripping with impunity,’ reads part of the memo signed by Miti.12789770_145416202514348_278779425_o12788666_145420905847211_470123232_o12789832_145420865847215_2007687573_o12790029_145420809180554_416540604_o

12809848_145420945847207_1997627043_oThe country has experienced a number of country wide blackouts but Zesco and the PF government have never explained the cause of these blackouts but blame nature.

Opposition members however blame the PF government for employing their cadres in technical positions without proper qualifications.


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