Residents protest K9,000 payment to operate boarding houses

Several residents, mostly Zambia Railways retirees and retrenchees of Kabwe’s Railways compound have threatened to match to Lusaka and strip naked before President Edgar Lungu in order to express their dissatisfaction with the municipal council’s decision to charge exorbitant fees for operating boarding houses.

The irate residents who have been offering boarding facilities to students at the nearby private teachers college Paglory said that while some councillors and Kabwe district commissioner Patrick Chishala owned several boarding houses the local authority was only victimising them. They vowed not to respect the directive from the council for them to pay fees amounting to more than K9,000 per year in addition to the land rates.

“We are tired of this government’s inconsistency, today the council tells us these fees and tomorrow they tell us something else. Before Lungu loses elections this year we will march to state house and strip naked for him to hear us. It looks like that is the language he would best understand,” screamed one woman as others echoed and chanted UPND slogans.

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