Resign if you are not Zambian-Chief Mukuni tells Edgar Lungu

Chief Mukuni

Senior Chief Mukuni of the Toka Leya in Livingstone has challenged President Edgar (Jonathan) Lungu to respond to allegations that he is not a Zambian.
He pointed out that the allegations were serious and President Lungu should not allow his Press Aid Amos Chanda to respond on his behalf.
Chief Mukuni was speaking at a press briefing held at Lusaka Grand Hotel on Friday morning and was accompanied by Chief Hamusonde.
He stressed that if the allegations by Mr Mike Mulongoti and Mr Fresher Siwale are true then Edgar Lungu should resign and pave way for an indigenous Zambian to rule the country.
Lungu has been mute from the time allegations were made that he was not a Zambian but has only been responding through hired people who have so far been issuing disjointed information on his background.
Earlier in the week, People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti and New Labour Party President Fresher Siwale challenged President Lungu to produce his National Registration Card as a way of proving his true identity.
Mr Mulongoti said as a patriotic citizen, it is his responsibility to protect the constitution hence the move he took to write to the Public Protector of Zambia asking the institution to investigate President Lungu’s true identity.
He said since he wrote to the Public Protector on March 13th 2018 giving it two weeks to respond to his letter, the institution has not yet responded.
Mr Mulongoti observed that there were too many inconsistencies in President Lungu’s life history that prompted him to demand that the Public Protector investigates his true identity.
He said in his authorized autobiography, Against All Odds, President Lungu claims to have been born in a then white only Ndola Central Hospital in 1956 but that on a Prime TV programme, State House Spokesman Amos Chanda claimed that President Lungu was infact born in Kitwe.
Mr Mulongoti said there is also no record of his childhood or primary school education or any mention of his immediate family members.
The two opposition figures revealed that Mr Lungu is infact Jonathan Mutaware, a Malawian.

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