Resign, MP Kunda tells Mulusa, Siliya group

MMD vice-presidents Brian Chituwo and Michael Kaingu together with former Petauke Member of Parliament Dora Siliya, Senga Hill MP Kapembwa Simbao and former Solwezi Central MP Lucky Mulusa should not have taken their grievances to the media and should have endeavoured to resolve their differences with president Nevers Mumba internally, MMD national youth chairperson Howard Kunda has said.

Kunda has said allegations that the senior party members were working with the ruling PF to auction the MMD, were serious and needed answers, but this should be within the internal party systems and not in the media.

Kunda who is Muchinga MMD MP said the party was alert to the fact that Kabimba who is Justice Minister had positioned himself to take over the presidency of the PF before 2016 and was seeking the support of MMD members.

He said there were serious allegations that some leaders in the MMD government wanted to destroy the former ruling party and were working with Kabimba and M’membe and that was the reason why they were holding meetings at the Post Newspaper.

Kunda further alluded to the fact that because those calling for the resignation of Dr. Mumba were not of Bemba origin, the perception was that this was a tribal scheme to replace Dr. Mumba with a non-Bemba speaking member of the party.

The youth leader said, if the people calling for Dr. Mumba’s removal felt very strongly, they had the option to resign, but that they should not destroy the party for which they hard worked so hard for many years.

“Dr Chituwo, Dr Kaingu, Siliya, Simbao can resign on moral grounds rather than be linked to plans to kill the MMD so that whatever remains from the party would be auctioned to the PF under Kabimba who has positioned himself to take over the presidency of the ruling party. The fight against Dr Mumba appears tribal and unfortunately the names I have mentioned give credence to such allegations,” Kunda said.

He said Dr Mumba had been working hard to unite the party and would welcome constructive help in putting the party back on track but felt frustrated by people who were supposed to help him strengthen the party in readiness for the 2016 general elections.

Kunda said the MMD would remain the strongest opposition political party and that the PF and Kabimba were scared that the former ruling party would easily bounce back to power if it was left un-stabilized.

He said the MMD had provided effective checks and balances to the failed PF government and that it would continue doing so because Zambians were regretting having wasted their vote on a party that had turned out to be the worst government in the history of the country.

He explained that Zambians voted for the PF in 2011 because they wanted to experiment adding it was tragic that the country was being governed by people who had no knowledge about how to govern.

Efforts to get comments from Dr Chituwo, Dr Kaingu, Siliya and Simbao failed as their mobile phones were off.

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