Resign or I will force you out, Lungu tells Emmanuel Mwamba

Resign or I will force you out, Lungu tells Emmanuel Mwamba

emOutgoing president Edgar Lungu has told High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba to resign or he will force him out. Lungu is a very violent character but uses others to sort out his enemies.

Outgoing Lungu says the statement issued by his spokesperson Amos Chanda that civil servants seeking adoption for political office must resign from the civil service is a full representation of his position and is final.

There are a few civil servants who have applied to stand as MPs or councillors but Mwamba is the most prominent.

Lungu said all concerned people must comply with the directive.

He said this in Chinsali yesterday when he addressed some people at the central business district.
“The statement issued by my spokesperson has my blessing and it must be taken seriously. I do not want to start forcing people out of their offices,” Lungu said.

Mwamba is in a dilemma to either resign and lose his job and fight adoption in the Matero constituency but the Watchdog thinks he stands no chance.

Lungu will adopt either Faustina Sinyangwe or Dickson Jere.

Mwamba might lose his job and fail to secure the adoption for Matero. We saw how he was dribbled in Kasama where Lungu decided to adopt his ‘son in law’ Kelvin Sampa. Sampa is going out with Tasila Lungu, a married woman.

Try as he might to give the impression that he is close to Lungu, Mwamba is not wanted at State House. Lungu knows very well that Mwamba has presidential ambitions and Amos Chanda and Emmanuel Mwamba are sworn rivals, though they pretended in public. Both like tuchawa.


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