Resignation of Kalaba and Christians for Lungu

Resignation of Kalaba and Christians for Lungu

The Resgination of Kalaba,
An indictment on Christians for Lungu and National House of Prayer.

The resgination of Patriotic Front Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba is a serious indictment on those calling themselves Christians for Lungu if ever they still exist as we believe it was just a conduit to steal money from gullible Zambians.

It is also an indictment on the so called National House of Prayer board managed by Joshua Banda, Pukuta Mwanza and David Nama.

Why do we say so? For those of us who have been following events in the country, Kalaba was at the centre of this. Kalaba is a Pentecostal who is an elder at Winners Chapel. When Edgar Lungu wanted to canvass votes from the evangelicals just before the 2016 elections, he tasked Kalaba to coordinate the Pentecostal votes. This is how he got involved. Today Kalaba has realised that he was actually working for a Devil incarnate and that Devil is Edgar Lungu. He has realised that instead of stocking hospitals with medicine, Lungu and his Minister of Health are buying Ambulances at five times more than the normal price.

Kalaba has realised that Lungu is behind the indiscriminate exporting of Mukula tree. Kalaba has realised that instead of building the National House of Prayer, Lungu is building the opposite of a church. He is building Bars and Casino’s so as to attract more unholy. Kalaba has simply realised that Lungu is a criminal.

However, we would like to tell Harry Kalaba that Joshua Banda, Pukuta Mwanza and David Nama are enjoying the fruits of evil. Nama is making big money from Zesco including supplying second hand Toyota Landcruisers. Joshua Banda and Mwanza line up to receive Mukula money from Kaizer Zulu whilst their congregants sleep hungry.

On Sunday’s these Pharisees preach to empty stomachs and force them to say Amen. We have said it before that Lungu is not humble. Kalaba should have known that Lungu was not genuine because he was there when Lungu was voted in at the sham PF convetion in Kabwe. How can a humble person be voted for through show of Pangas and Fists? Is that not how Lungu was voted in to replace Sata? Can a Panga be a symbol of Holiness? These guys the Joshua Bandas and his team together with Lungu are just simple motivation speakers. They steal during the night, preach during the day while their followers say amen. How can a State House vehicle be escorting Mukula trucks at night?

These minions should be called what they are. Even Jesus Christ called King Herod a Fox. Christ even canned those whom he found doing business in His Father’s house. Meanwhile, followers of these motivation speakers call them Papa and Mama. Papa of theft? Mama of theft? How can one call Lungu his Excellency? What integrity is in Lungu for him to be accorded that title? Edgar Lungu should just be referred to as the Most Useless leader. These others we have mentioned who like to wear long suits and pointed shoes with deep voices are not Pastors but conmen. If they were really men and women of God they could have read the writting on the wall that the person Lungu they formed the organisation ” Christians for Lungu” is not a Christian but a crook. If someone managed to steal money from a Widow what can stop him from stealing from State Coffers? Lungu and his minions are just thieves. If Godfridah Sumaili the so called Minister of Religious Affairs is really a Christian then she should also resign.

Anyway religion means different things. It does not neccessarily mean Christian. You shall know them by their fruits. Dead N B C( ZNBC) could not even air a news story on a senior Cabinet minister quitting. Meanwhile, that sex worker Kampamba Mulenga the PF Minister of information says we should pay more trash called TV levy. Rubbish. Anyway the DeadNBC story is for another day. Happy Newyear though on empty stomachs.

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