Respect my father even if he is dead, Mulenga tells Lungu

RESPECT MY DAD …don’t try to harass people who worked with him, Mulenga Sata tells PF cadresBy Mwape Mbwelela on September 28, 2017

MULENGA Sata on Tuesday afternoon told PF officials at the secretariat in Lusaka that the ruling party should not try harassing people who worked with his father, Michael Sata, during the former head of state’s memorial next month.

Sources at the secretariat have revealed that Mulenga, in apparent reference to Dr Guy Scott, Chishimba Kambwili, Mwenya Musenge and Wynter Kabimba, among others, who worked closely with his father until the PF won the 2011 elections, found his way into national chairperson for elections Yamfwa Mukanga’s office where he advised that the former head of state deserves respect even in his death.

“Mulenga sata was here around 1pm (13hrs) yesterday (Tuesday). He humbly requested to see the bosses and he was told he they not in office. But he quickly entered the office of the national chairperson for elections. He was furious and told the people in that office that PF should not harass people who worked with his dad during the memorial services scheduled for 28th October,”

the PF source disclosed.

“Mulenga said his dad deserves respect even in death because he did a lot for the party and the nation at large. And everyone around agreed with him; there is no need to start harassing people who worked so hard to put PF where it is today.”

After leaving Mukanga’s office, Mulenga met a horde of cadres outside, whom he bought lunch for.

Later, he, in the company of PF secretary general Davies Mwila, his deputy Mumbi Phiri and Lusaka Province youth chairman Kennedy Kamba met over lunch. Kamba, a while later, posted a picture of them at an undisclosed restaurant with a caption, “Politics”, followed by a message, “Having lunch with Mulenga Sata, the SG honorable Mwila and the DSG ambassador honourable Mumbi Phiri.”

Sata’s family and the government are currently organising the former head of state’s memorial service to mark three years since his demise on October 28 in London in 2014.


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    Benny 6 months

    Mulenga Sata why this time u could have seen that Lungu was not a right candidate before election but u supported him foolishly

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    chrispine mukwenje 6 months

    I what mulenga is saying is true.His father Mr Micheal data deserves respect.

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    REX TEMBO 6 months

    VIVA CK!

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      Dominic 6 months

      Mulenga Sata should know where to aim his spears.For starters,non of the people he has categorized were expelled from PF by ECL apart from Chishimba Kambwili.As for Winter Kabimba,it is Sata who removed him from PF top positions which forced him to launch his own Party.Himself Mulenga Sata,Miles Sampa,Madam Kaseba,Guy Scot and GBM etc had shifted their loyalty to HH and his UPND during 2016 Elections.Miles Sampa has whole heartedly rejoined PF and is only awaiting the expiry of the THREE year period before he can enjoy all benefits of a PF member.Mulenga Sata is a poor example of how a son should ensure that what his father sweated for is well looked after.He should BLAME HIMSELF.

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        Phiri 6 months

        Sorry to say but your thinking is like that of an idiot.