Response from Dr. Mathani to faceless editors responsible for malicious and libellous attacks on him

The Devil cannot read your mind. He gets clues from watching your movements and listening to your conversations. Therefore don’t verbalize your fears, and don’t voice your doubts and worries, and don’t parade your problems in public.

Remember Hannah prayed silently. Whenever you’re deeply fearful, doubtful and worried, do not give voice to your feelings. Rather sing praises loudly but pray silently. Some prayers are just between you and God – heart to heart. Get into your closet, close the door behind you, zip your lips and pray silently. When you’re done praying, walk like a Victor not like a Victim. Your Father who hears in silence will reward you openly. “…for every word of doubt you utter is inviting Satan’s temptations; it is strengthening in you the tendency to doubt, and it is grieving… the ministering angels.

When Satan tempts you, utter not a word of doubt or darkness. If you choose to open the door to his suggestions, your mind will be filled with distrust and rebellious questioning. If you talk out your feelings, every doubt you express not only reacts upon yourself, but it is a seed that will germinate and bear fruit in the life of others, and it may be impossible to counteract the influence of your words.

You yourself may be able to recover from the season of temptation and from the snare of Satan, but others who have been swayed by your influence may not be able to escape from the unbelief you have suggested.

How important that we speak only those things that will give spiritual strength and life! We all have trials; griefs hard to bear, temptations hard to resist. Do not tell your troubles to your fellow mortals, but carry everything to God in prayer. Make it a rule never to utter one word of doubt or discouragement. You can do much to brighten the life of others and strengthen their efforts, by words of hope and holy cheer.” God Bless you!


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