Response to article headlined ‘TB Joshua prophet of Soccer and death’

The Editor,

By today I am really very astonished as to why Zimbabweans as of late, have become very radical to T. B. Joshua.

Is it because Mugabe,president of Zimbabwe, was directly thought to be on the “centre of the Prophecy?


Many times in life, we have been victims of political and verbal traps. When I was a teacher at Mpatamatu High School in Luanshya, Zambia, there was a critical trap I faced.

A pupil was so annoyed with me after scogging him that he rushed to report to the parents who came ready to donate “Insults” or “beat me up”. But then they were led to the Deputy Head`s Office where I was called to exculpate myself in the presence of the parent and pupil.

The pupil told the group that I was wishing him bad luck as a Grade 12, by telling him that he would fail the exams. But when other pupils were asked about the exact words I used, it was embarrassing to the angry parents. Look at what I said, “if you don`t study hard, you will fail” but he only carried the last part that “you will fail”.

Even the bible can be trapped. Do you know that the Bible says, “There is no God. Yes its true it says so. But this is a trap because the Bible in complete says “fools say, there is no God”.

Mr. Reason Wafawarova and others, have perfectly shown tiny facts abut T. B Joshua’s Spiritual prowess but hiding other gigantic and cardinal aspects of work of God, through T. B Joshua.T. B. Joshua hasn`t only prophesised about Football or death. In fact he has gone deeper into almost all aspects of different peoples lives.

I don`t know why Mr. Reason bases his argument only on soccer and death. Isn’t this a trap?

T. B. Joshua has made political prophesies which have come out exactly. In Nigeria, he did predict that elections will be postponed thrice and will be marred with violence. So the prophesy went to pass. How about the Ghanaian President`s prophesy? He prophesized that Mills will be the next Ghanaian president.

He has been predicting the birth of children for different people, and that has occurred perfectly. Even before pregnant ,a woman would be told that you will have twins one day it takes place. Is this soccer or death?

In fact the man of God can easily prophesy about the life of the radical Mr Reason of Zimbabwe.

Am sure TB Joshua already knew that people such as Mr Reason would be one of many stumbling blocks of God’s work.



The Bible, in Mathew 23:11 says “and many false prophets shall rise and shall deceive many”.


It`s true but then the Bible doesn`t say “all will be false prophets”. Jesus Christ recognised that some of them will be true prophets.Let all those who like using this verse have it in their mind…many false prophets…and not all.

So what criteria has Mr. Reason used to judge that T. B. Joshua is one of the many false prophets, not the few true prophets? Remember that even the Devil used the scriptures to deceive and tempt people including  Jesus.Satan was very accurate at showing Jesus some the scriptures so that he convinces The Son of God to do his will.This is how Mr Reason and other use the bible to block the progress of Christs ministry through TB Joshua.

Using his “wisdom”,how can Mr. Reason honestly make Judgements from two elements of predicting soccer and death which he thought would befall on Mugabe?

Why does Mr. Reason think Jesus Christ Prophecy of false prophets include T. B. Joshua?


We read that there were a lot of writers in olden bible days (Like Mr. Reason) who wrote and talked against Jesus Christ. They with their so called wisdom accused Christ to get powers from the devil. People like Pharisees and Chief priests eaten up with jealousy and hatred, became Satan`s disciples by ridiculing the work of Jesus Christ with their so called wisdom. They trekked to Jesus several times to  trap him by finding something wrong with him.

People like Mr. Reason are surely making the Devil smile and as such this devil has a lot of confidence that he will win through the intellectual and derogatory writing on the work of God, Jehovah.


Further,Mr. Reason is surely unreasonable, how possible can a person memorize all the messages of million of people including their faces in order to predict their ailments during services.Mr Reason gives his reasoning from his critique,as follows,


But also this seems to have been a classic case of the now common “prophesying from a data base” strategy, so much used by young and popular trickster prophets who mischievously memorise mobile numbers of people from written down prayer requests, only to recite them days later before prayerful and unsuspecting congregations, making impressive claims of having known people’s problems and ailments directly from God.

But this is a very queer reasoning. So you think with all your brains that Joshua and his wise men would memorise  almost all million sms and the faces of the sender,then start prophesying to them by reciting those messages? How about people who just go their without sending messages and yet Joshua still predicts accurately about their problems?

Can Mr. Reason, explain why T. B. Joshua heals ailments including curing people from diseases which they had even before T. B. Joshua started his ministry.

There are people who have been suffering from TB/Sugar for more than 30 years, only to be healed by the young T. B. Joshua.


Comparing T. B. Joshua`s prophecy to the gambler is another shallow reasoning by the Writer Mr. Reason even if T. B. Joshua was surely a false prophecy.

Tell me does the gambler predict the time and how the team will score? Do gamblers tell people the first goal will be scored in the 60th minute by header or foot? Does T. B. Joshua fix matches like gamblers and tell the scorer to score in a particular minute or miss penalty like Drogba in the 70th minute? Out of all those gamblers including Paul the octopus and South African Sangomas, who predicted on how someone will miss the penalty in the 70th minute in Afcon finals?

Secondly, its true that the bible says the purpose of prophesying is to ‘edify‘ the church and exhortation  and comfort (1 Cor. 14:3),but recall and read this passage in the book of 2 Kings 20:1.It  shows how Isaiah prophesized the death of the King. Further read the bible on how a prophet warned the King that if he went to war, he would die, but the King never listened instead imprisoned the prophet. The King died because of not listening from the prophet.There were a lot of prophets in the Old testament who predicted the birth and death of the son of God,Jesus Christ.Am sure if Mr. Reason lived that time, he would have described Isaiah and other God’s prophets as fake..

Look at this, T. B. Joshua prophesised that leader in Argentina will get sick and go into a coma. But he warned that if the doctors carry out an operation, the leader will die but rather leave him to resuscitate. If this warning is not taken, and the leader dies, will you blame T.B. Joshua?


Finally T. B. Joshua heals and preaches in the name of Jesus Christ. All his words are all in Christ`s name making it so hard to see the devil in T. B. Joshua but very easy to see the work of the devil in Mr. Reason and others.NB.Devil doesn’t use Christ’s name to do his miracles.

My friend who had a terrible accident which left his leg with no option but be amputated (cut off). The man missed two years at the University of Zambia. When taken to T. B. Joshua, he came back walking and today he is in fourth year at UNZA, vet hostel Lusaka.

If T. B. Joshua is fake why does he heal, prophesy correctly, help many poor people, preach in Jesus Christ, cast away demons in Christ`s name, cures deadly diseases like cancer in Christ`s name, preaches the importance of love among people, urge people to forgive each other, bless people in Christ`s name, provides for the widows and widowers most of the needs, show utmost humility by refusing be knelt at and praise him but do it to Jesus Christ. T. B. Joshua doesn`t slander or talk bad about other people.

Even if it happens that T. B. Joshua is fake, we will continue listening to his preaching in Jesus Christ as he does, we will continue seeking for healing and prophecies as they are done in Jesus Christ name. In fact we are only interested in his preaching of the Almighty God and his healing power done in Christs name and not what he does secretly.

Mr Reason is just pumped up with jealousy and hatred as he recalls on how he took it that actually, the leader being prophesized was his president,Mr Mugabe.

Otherwise am very sure that TB Joshua is a true man of God,Jehova with extra ordinary gift of healing and prophesying which many pastors really want to have.

Good life is life in God and His Son Jesus Only. Thank you

       Soko Edmond…A teacher and an Economist


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