Restaurants closed due to load shedding

Restaurants closed due to load shedding

I Visited Kitwe yesterday and trying to get some quick lunch, I touched Hungry Lion around 13hrs and was told they are closed till power is restored and then I moved to after Ten and was told the same story.
Analysing this situation should bring worry to a lot of us citizens because for setups like restaurants that purely depend on power this means 8 hours loss in revenue everyday and if we multiply that by 30 days we roughly get 240 hrs of idle time that these businesses still need to cover and pay the workers salaries. But we understand that workers get paid from the money they generate while working and if this situation continues then how will these businesses continue to sustain the salaries for the workers? Sooner or later the solution will be to release some of them and this will further handicap the already limping economy.
The questions I always ask myself are:
1.why does Zesco still rely on nature to determine the fate of electricity supply in this country?’
2.What if water levels will continue going down does that mean we will continue increasing load shedding hours?
3. Does Zesco have a strategic plan and risk assessment team that can foresee the likelihood of some of these occurrences and take corrective measures before calamity strikes?

Zesco has demonstrated a clear description of ‘fire fighting approach’ to managing electricity supply and instead of being proactive they are rather reactive with only one solution to the problem ‘ Load shedding’

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    a simmons 6 days ago

    You have watched Zimbabwe implode, have you learned NOTHING. !!

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    muntungwa 3 weeks ago

    It is a failed company run by PF cadres. The other I was trying to have an early supper and just as I was about to start warming the food the power went and I decided to go to bed. Power was off from 18h00 to 23h00. I resigned my self to having some early breakfast the following morning. Where to Zambia???