Restore MMD or we shall protest naked, says Namugala

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Chairperson for Women Affairs Catharine Namugala has called on the Registrar of Society to reverse with immediate effect the de-registration of the former ruling party.

Speaking soon after former President Rupiah Banda’s Press conference held at his residence near State Lodge in Lusaka today, Ms. Namugala told journalist that MMD women will not sit idle and watch wilful assault on Zambia’s democracy.
And Mrs. Namugala has also threatened that MMD women across the country will stage a protest naked on Saturday should the Registrar of Societies fail to heed the party’s call to rescind the decision.
“MMD women strongly feel that our democracy is under attack and we resolve that as Zambians, we should stand up to defend this democracy,” Ms. Namugala said.
She alleged that Zambia’s democracy was under threat under the Patriotic Front Government and warned that MMD women were ready to go to prison in defense of the former ruling party from de-registration.
She stated that it was unfortunate that the PF Government wants to destroy the multiparty system in the country which many Zambians fought for so fiercely during the one party state under former First Republican President Dr. Kenneth Kaunda’s regime.
“We are very saddened as women in the MMD by attempts by the PF Government to destroy the hard earned democracy in the country through the malicious and illegal de-registration of our beloved party the MMD,” Ms. Namugala said.
She added that Zambians have sacrificed a lot to bring back plural politics in the country saying that some of the people who fought for this democracy have even died.
Ms. Namugala said the Movement for Multiparty Democracy allowed democracy to flourish in the country and that on no single day did they dare to victimize other political parties in the country because the party believes in freedom of information and democracy.
Ms. Namugala said MMD women will not allow the Government to use state machinery to destroy the opposition political parties in the country.

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