Retired civil servants reject Kabimba, Akafumba manoeuvre to transfer payment file

Retired civil servants reject Kabimba, Akafumba manoeuvre  to transfer payment file

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 15.36.34Retired civil servants who are entitled to receive money from government under a voluntary separation scheme have rejected the criminal maneuvers by Justice PS Akafumba, minister Kabimba and their lawyer Malipenga to transfer their file.

Click here to see a letter written by retired civil servants in Luapula province LUAPULA RETIREES REJECT MALIPENGA0001

And documents have surfaced to show how Nelly Mutti won the case for the civil servants and how Akafumba and Malipenga are trying to take over the file and therefore payment.

The background to this scandal is that Justice Permanent Secretary Joseph Akafumba, minister Wynter Kabimba and their lawyer Rabson Malipenga sent state agents to still court files from Nellie Mutti’s office- Lukona Chambers.

The documents they stole are the payment file for Voluntary Separation Association of Zambia (VSAS).

Using their current powers in government, they managed to convince other government departments to start paying the money to Malipenga’s law firm.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 16.18.06Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 16.18.30Nelly Muti was representing the retirees and won the case from 2001. Malipenga never represented any of the retirees.

After stealing the file, Malipenga fraudulently deducts 15 per cent from each retiree’s payment every month then shares the money with Akufumba and Kabimba.

Following the exposure on Wednesday Akafumba attempted to beat up nelly Mutti.

A few minutes after reading that expose, Akafumba phoned Nelly Mutti and asked her to meet him at his office.

‘At the office, Akafumba rained insults on Nelly and charged toward her to attack,’ said a source.

Akafumba accused Mutti of leaking the story to the Watchdog.

According to people who witnessed the event, Akafumba was physically restrained by junior workers from attacking Mutti.

In the scandal, Akafumba, kabimba and Malipenga are working in collaboration with a Mr. Siachoke Simazeza the so-called Chairperson for VSAZ who replaced late Nasando Isikanda. He is believed to be an ex-convict.For the documents posted on the side, pay particular attention to dates in the documents below.

The first two documents is the full judgment (consent order) which Nelly Mutti’s lawyer won on behalf of her clients in 2008.

The judgment clearly states who the lawyer for the civil servants was.

The third document, dated 4th January, 2014, (two weeks ago) was written by Malipenga’s accomplices, who have now taken over as leaders of the Voluntary Separation Association of Zambia.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 16.19.31The person who fought for this money Isikanda Nansako is dead.

In the document written two weeks ago, the new leaders of the association are telling Attorney-general Mumba Malila that they have changed lawyers from nelly Mutti to Malipenga.

The question is why should they change lawyers now that Mutti won the case in 2008 and all that is remaining now is the payment? What role is Malipenga’s law firm going to play? The case was concluded and won 8 years ago.

In the fourth document, written on January 8, 2014, Malipenga is directing government to pay the money into his bank account.

Now, if these criminals masquerading as government officials can do this to an eminent lawyer of Nelly Mutti’ standing in society, what can or indeed do they do to ordinary people and their property?

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