Retired teachers in institutional houses

It is very sad to note that if u go round in the teachers compounds today u will find retired people still occupying those houses and yet us in service teachers are in the shanty compounds were we are renting in houses that have no water mostly one to three roomed houses as accommodation is expensive here in lusaka such that it can be difficult to rent a descent house.. In my view the government can save more if they chase the retired people from the houses and allow the in service teachers to be in those houses and save on the housing allowance that they spend . The ministry of education is just to corrupt and one of the leaders said they are scared of witchcraft. seriously! I have gone round at Emmasdale primary, Yotam Muleya primary, olympia secondary, Chibelo primary, woodlands secondary to mention just a few teachers compounds are full of retired workers that got there benefits but only left a Ka repatriation fee to keep them in the houses, some are even extending the houses thinking that the government will sell them ,and where will we stay? Some have even left those houses to relatives that are not even working for the government.. Most of them have the built houses but still leave them for rent since we have a porous government..

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