Retrenched Mongu youths still not paid

Government is still owing retrenched workers mostly youths from the newly created districts of western province huge sums of money in salary arrears.

Most of the workers stayed for about ten months without being paid until the government decided to retrench them last month. According to a source at cabinet office in Mongu, the bill is estimated to be around one million Zambian Kwacha.

This morning a group of affected youths went to Cabinet office to check on their payment only to be told that the monies are not yet ready. The youths were addressed by the deputy permanent secretary Mr. Mwangala Liomba as the permanent secretary was alleged to have travelled out.

One affected youth wondered why it has taken the government so long to resolve this issue. ‘The government and the permanent secretary are not sincere. They keep postponing each time we come here. We are stranded and sleeping at the station’ the youth was heard complaining.

The government in October 2013 employed about 284 youths but retrenched 208 because the treasury was not informed.

Ironically on Saturday President Sata while drumming up support for the PF candidate in Mukushi south this Saturday urged the aspiring candidate Davies Chisupa to prioritize women and youths

The youths have since been told to go back on Monday next week

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