Return Mr. Abdul Simwaya To Zambia At Once!

I write this letter with tears dropping down my cheeks. My heart aches as result of the letter written by the children of Mr. Abdul Simwaya, the deported Zambian Citizen, Husband, father and grandfather.

The painful episode should touch every Zambian who believes in Justice, compassion and the value of the bond of love between a father and his children.

Mr. Abdul Simwaya must be returned to Zambia unconditionally and without delay and be reunited with his family. The lawlessness of the PF regime must come to an end, or their senseless abuse of power, will plunge this country into unrestrained anarchy.

What Lungu and his regime have done to this law abiding, harmless, hard working and defenseless old man, represents a symbol of a sickness in this ruthless regime. A sickness, that runs counter to our collective hopes and dreams.

I know that the PF regime is brutal, inhuman, ruthless and evil. However the illegal deportation of a bonafide Zambia Citizen represents a new low on how far this regime can go to silence, intimidate, humiliate and torture their perceived opponents or enemies in this country.

Lungu and his friends will do well to remember that we gave them power to protect our fundamental freedoms and not be the notorious abusersthat have proved to be.

Any man can abuse power, but it takes sound leadership to create a
decent, humane and prosperous society. A society that allows every Zambia Citizen to live and die in his or her country surrounded by his or her loved ones.

The Family is sacred. Family defines who are as a people. No attempt should be made to savagely rip families apart, just to massage a misplaced ego.

We are already suffering for the corruption and incompetence of this regime. This government should not create additional burdens that will most certainly break our already tired and abused backs.

What does this regime want from the people of Zambia? What wrong have we done to be treated as if we are slaves in our own country? Whatreally is the source of this naked aggression that has been unleashed on the people, with impunity never seen since the notorious Kaunda dictatorship?

There is a limit to people’s patience and Lungu and his friends will have themselves to blame, the day the Zambian people will react to these wanton and satanic abuses of our fundamental human rights.

I thought we had slaughtered the notorious Party and its Government (PIG) over 20 years, boy was I wrong! The PIG is alive and well causing trouble!

Kind Regards

Waziona Nkhwekwe Chirwa

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